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SilverStone Kublai Series KL07

Introduction, Design Features

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone! Building a still PC isn’t quite as formidable as it once was.

Part of that is down to advances in PC components—they are usually a some-more composed garland these days. Solid-state drives (SSDs) yield a silent, no-spin choice to tough drives, for one thing. And chances are flattering good that we won’t even bother installing an visual drive, that was another vital source of whirring and clicking sounds. And selecting cooler-running core components can need fewer fans, or slower-spinning ones. But even complicated PCs still advantage from noise-dampening foam, that is where SilverStone’s Kublai Series KL07 box comes in. Sometimes a right framework can make adult for a lot. Think of it as a scarf for your PC.

The Kublai KL07 is a earthy essence of silence. Every in. of a case’s extraneous has a black finish, creation it one of a some-more resigned aftermarket cases we’ve reviewed in some time. It’s stealth-fighter dark, if lacking a bony threat of that troops jet. This is usually a black box: SilverStone opted for a customary rectilinear box character and did small in a approach of extraneous flourishes. The box even lacks a side-panel window, yet that creates clarity when we are backing a framework with foam.

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (Left Angled)

Despite a super-sober personality, a KL07 is not a bill PC chassis. It was offered for between $85 and $95 during this essay from a pivotal e-sellers online. PC cases in this cost operation typically have some-more extraneous flair, yet we know that SilverStone is going for quiet—both acoustically and aesthetically—here. In contrast, we recently reviewed a Mean:It 4PM, a cube-style PC box with 3 tempered-glass panels and LED fans, that was going for usually a small some-more money. When it comes to price, a Kublai KL07 is a small closer to a Redline RL06Primera PM01-RGB. The box is 8.7 inches wide, that is reasonable for a customary PC tower.

The interior of a KL07 is roomy, with a ability of scarcely 53 liters. Before we supplement components, a box weighs in during 17 pounds. That’s not too heavy, deliberation that a box is mostly steel (not aluminum), with a cosmetic front panel.

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (Top)

As we mentioned earlier, a KL07’s front row doesn’t support an visual drive; no 5.25-inch expostulate bays here. The front is a single, well-spoken area with usually energy and reset buttons, a integrate of standing LEDs, and some shoal grooves to mangle adult a differently plain face. The KL07’s pattern morality lends itself good to grave settings, including offices, yet we wouldn’t have disposed usually a small some-more (indeed, any) personality.

We like a pointed fan vents that line a sides and tip of a box to let atmosphere into a system. We popped off a front row to display a full-length dirt filter that sits in front of a case’s dual 140mm intake fans. SilverStone uses magnets to make stealing and replacing a filter a square of cake. The fan filter was a initial denote that a KL07 competence be earning a cost tag.

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (Front Panel Open)

The “front panel” ports lay during a tip of a case, that isn’t surprising among SilverStone chassis. The KL07 has a customary brew of them (two audio jacks, dual USB 3.0 ports), and a USB 3.0 Type-C port, that is a good touch…

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (Top Ports)

On-chassis Type-C connectors are peculiar on aftermarket chassis, so distant to date. This one is a straight-up USB 3.0 port, though. Even reduction common are USB Type-C ports on framework that support USB 3.1 Gen 2, that has aloft intensity tip bandwidth with concordant peripherals, yet creates use of a new-fangled header connector between a box and a motherboard. The Kublai KL07 doesn’t use that new connector for a USB Type-C port, yet instead an standard 20-pin USB 3.0 header cable, like these…

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (USB 3.0)

The usually emanate here is that to offshoot adult all 3 of a chassis’ USB 3.0 ports, we will need dual USB 3.0 header connectors on your PC’s motherboard, and not all play will have dual of them. (It’s a lot some-more common to find dual such headers on full-size ATX play contra smaller ones.) So check carefully; we competence differently need to get and use a USB 3.0-to-USB 2.0 header adapter, that would banish possibly a Type-C pier or a dual USB 3.0 Type-A ports to USB 2.0 speeds.

The tip of a framework also comes off, in a same conform that a front face does. Pop a tip off, and you’re looking during another fan filter. This one doesn’t have a cosmetic support around it that a front filter does, yet it attaches with magnets over a tip panel’s fan-mount area for a certain fit. You’ll need to mislay a filter to insert a radiator or fans inside a tip of a KL07. By default, there are no fans adult here.

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (Top Filter Removal)

The inside of a cosmetic tip row and a middle face of a front row are lined with thick, egg-carton-style acoustic-foam stuffing from finish to end. By a way, we had no difficulty popping a tip and front panels behind into place, that is good news for DIY-ers who like to tinker with their PCs.

A final fan filter sits during a bottom of a case, next a grille for your energy supply’s intake fan. The Kublai KL07’s feet are vast adequate to concede for copiousness of respirating room next a outmost filter, that is hold in place by several steel clips. You can mislay a filter for cleaning though branch a box over, interjection to a vast tab/lever that extends toward a behind of a case. Push a add-on downward gently, afterwards pull, and a filter slides free.

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (Underside)

The behind of a KL07 has a honey-comb grille for a case’s enclosed 140mm empty fan, customary of cases of a kind. Below a fan grille, a removable steel image adds additional support for your graphics label and any other enlargement cards that we put in your system’s PCI Express slots. (You screw down this image over a screw-bracket apportionment of a video card; it adds a step to label installs/removals, yet adds stability, too.) One thing was odd, though: Some of a steel dividers between a enlargement slots on a box representation were bent, notwithstanding a box nearing in an undamaged, unopened box. We were means to hook a plates behind into shape—no vast deal. But we wouldn’t design to see that arrange of an emanate in a framework in this cost range.

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (Expansion Slots)

The Kublai KL07 has customary steel side panels, that are hold in place by thumbscrews. Inside, both of a panels have a same accumulation of acoustic/noise-reduction stuffing that we saw during a tip and front of a case. The row that covers a case’s right side is totally lonesome by a padding; a one on a left is entirely covered, too, exclusive a skinny frame along a corner closest to a case’s rear.

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (PSU Compartment Panel and Foam)

The interior of a KL07 will be informed to anyone who has built a complement in SilverStone’s Primera Series cases. The reduce entertain or so of a framework is blocked off by a vast housing that creates a apart cell for a energy supply, isolating it thermally and stealing it from view. The motherboard tray has a vast cutout/window to yield entrance to a behind of a motherboard, that is useful when you’re installing certain CPU coolers that need a backplate. It’s vast adequate to accommodate a slight variances in position that CPU mounts tend to have from tallness to platform.

The tray also has dual long, rubber-lined pass-throughs for your cables. Pass-throughs like these are common-enough fare, yet a rubber seals are a good touch, as they supplement a small cultured gloss to a box and offer some insurance to a cables flitting through. Polish like this competence not be required in a windowless case, yet we’re blissful to see a pointy edges in a steel lonesome up.

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (Open Left)

SilverStone’s inclusion of a power-supply cell opposite a framework bottom means that your motherboard will be closer to a effective “floor” of a box (the tip of a PSU compartment) than it would be in many PC chassis. That’s not a problem if your motherboard’s headers protrusion out of a house vertically, yet if any of them face laterally off a bottom of a motherboard, and it’s an ATX house that extends to a case’s bottom, we could see a blockage issue. SilverStone put a wire pass-through on a PSU cell nearby a motherboard, yet it’s not expected to yield entrance to any plane headers there.

The PSU compartment’s row has a cutout nearby a front of a box to accommodate additional front-intake fans or a prolonged radiator. SilverStone went in a opposite instruction with a cutout in a Kublai KL07 than it did with a Primera Series by screwing a prosaic row over a hole, rather than adding a retractable panel. The KL07’s row is not as sophisticated; you’ll need to mislay 4 screws to take it out. That said, if we need to do it, during slightest it’s a charge that we need to perform usually once.

The KL07 has plain support for fans and radiators. The tip supports adult to dual 120mm or 140mm fans, or a radiator adult to 280mm. The front of a complement can accept adult to 3 120mm or 140mm fans, or radiators to 360mm. The behind of a box supports a singular 120mm or 140mm fan, or a 120mm/140mm radiator. If atmosphere cooling is some-more your thing, we can simply rest on usually a 140mm fans that boat with a KL07, that embody dual adult front and one during a back. The front-panel fans are trustworthy to a tray that screws to a front of a box with thumbscrews.

The interior is ample and should have no difficulty doing many PC hardware. Its limit cooler tallness is 163mm (6.4 inches) to 172mm (6.8 inches), a high finish of a operation depending on either you’re peaceful to cut out some of a side-panel stuffing for a max-height CPU cooler. The limit upheld video-card length is 15.3 inches. No label that we know of will come tighten to that, even if we implement a vast radiator adult front.

Remove a row from a KL07’s right side, and you’ll display a power-supply compartment, along with a storage-drive bays…

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (Open Right)

Because SilverStone clinging a good cube of space to a tough expostulate enclosure (and left some additional space nearby a front for an additional fan or a vast radiator), a power-supply area is a small tight. That’s not to contend that it can’t hoop vast energy supplies; it offers adult to 7.87 inches (200mm) of space, yet we might find that we don’t have as most room between a tough expostulate enclosure and a behind of a PSU as you’d like when it comes to plugging in cables. (Assuming, of course, that your PSU uses modular cables.)

The easiest approach to hoop a modular PSU in a cell like this is to slip a energy supply in during an angle, bond all of a cables you’ll need and track them to their components, and afterwards kindly pull a PSU behind into place so that we can secure it to a case’s behind plate. Trying to bond a modular cables after a fact would be an ordeal.

The tough expostulate enclosure includes 3 sleds for 3.5-inch drives (or 2.5-inch drives). The sleds concede for tool-free expostulate installations from start to finish. You fist a sled’s tabs to slip it giveaway from a cage, and afterwards snap your 3.5-inch expostulate into place. Each sled has rubber grommets, that is a good touch. SilverStone put additional screw holes into a building of a KL07 so we can pierce or mislay a expostulate cage, if necessary.

The KL07 also has particular expostulate sleds for 3 2.5-inch storage drives. These run adult a behind side of a motherboard tray, creation them easy to reach. And, like a 3.5-inch sleds, these trays are tool-free. They are trustworthy to hinges so they can pitch external somewhat after we press a recover tabs. Slide a expostulate in, press a tray behind into place, and you’re done.

SilverStone Kublai KL07 (2.5-inch Drive Trays)

We consider SilverStone done good use of a singular space on this side of a chassis, yet squeezing cables between a side row and a motherboard tray isn’t easy. With reduction than an in. between a motherboard tray and a side panel, and a panel’s froth lining, wire government will need some care. SilverStone helped out, in that regard, by putting rungs in mixed places on a motherboard tray. (They’re meant for using a wire tie through.) The outcome is that we can simply find ways to insert your wire ties to track particular cables, or use these steel hoops keep your wire bundles in place so they don’t overlie any other. Spreading out those bundles can palliate putting a side row behind on. Indeed, SilverStone creates use of those rungs with a integrate of a possess wire straps to keep a front-panel cables underneath control.

It’s value observant that a outward surfaces of a box remained surprisingly clean, notwithstanding a infrequent handling. Any box that has a black extraneous is expected to be a blemish and fingerprint magnet. But a KL07 showed adult surprisingly few greasy outlines during a testing, and we didn’t review to gloves or any special caring as we rubbed it and built inside it.

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