Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Side raises $5.7 million to compare students with companies for short-term jobs

French startup Side lifted another $5.7 million with Xavier Niel heading a round. As a name suggests, Side lets students make some income on a side by operative for companies for a few days or weeks. It’s a marketplace that helps we scale your workforce for a product launch, rise deteriorate and more.

Aglaé Ventures, Jacques-Antoine Granjon and others are also participating in today’s appropriation round, as good as existent investors Connect Ventures, Fly Ventures and TheFamily.

Think about Side as a arrange of “staffing-as-a-service” startup. It isn’t a standard pursuit house or temp agency. It’s a marketplace of freelancers that we can sinecure for a specific task. It’s like being a Deliveroo driver, though for all sorts of jobs.

Side handles all a executive tasks — billing clients, collecting payments and profitable you. It afterwards takes a 20 percent cut.

Companies start by posting a pursuit on Side’s website. As many companies rest on Side for a same kind of tasks, a startup now has templates to assistance we post an offer.

Students get told on their phone that there’s a new task. They can afterwards apply, discuss with companies and conduct their information from a app.

So far, 600 companies rest on Side in London, Paris and Lyon. Fifteen thousand people have supposed a charge on Side overall. The marketplace is flourishing by 19 percent month over month, and 90 percent of jobs are filled in reduction than 24 hours.

Typical jobs operation from patron support to sales assistant, events or make-up products so that they can be shipped. Side skeleton to open new cities in France and a U.K. and urge a structure of a marketplace over time.

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