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ShareIQ helps brands lane their product images opposite a web

As some-more and some-more product images get common on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, ShareIQ says it can assistance brands know what’s going on.

Founder and CEO Brian Killen used to work as a conduct of plan during selling association Acxiom, and he removed being told by a sell selling executive, “I see my cinema all over Pinterest and websites and all over a globe, though there’s no product information, no detail, we don’t know how people detected them. How do we get people to know that they can buy it from me?” So he started ShareIQ to answer those questions.

While other companies like Curalate and Olapic have also built selling collection around amicable photo-sharing, Killen pronounced ShareIQ is singly focused on assisting brands know how their images swelling opposite a web, and how those images are contributing to a company’s bottom line.

ShareIQ products embody an analytics height covering things like a brand’s many intent calm and a sum assembly reached by that content. It also includes a “share tree” displaying how opposite users and publishers are swelling a content, and information on how a brand’s opening stacks adult opposite competitors.

The association also offers a apparatus for formulating “custom audiences” of people who have seen or common a brand’s image. So if we corkscrew past a print of a cold product though had no thought how to buy it, we competence shortly start saying ads that indeed proceed we to a product page.

Behind a scenes, Killen pronounced ShareIQ has grown a new proceed to storing images and compared data, one that allows a association to “really get large scale, super high accuracy, super quick relating and speed, and very, really low cost on a server.” As a result, a association says it has a infrastructure to keep adult with all a new calm being combined opposite a web any day, with 750 billion images processed so far.

And while ShareIQ usually strictly launched this week, the business already embody Tommy Hilfiger. The association (which was founded in Berlin) is also opening the initial US bureau in New York City.

Featured Image: Smartline/Shutterstock

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