Thursday , 20 September 2018
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Sega Mega Drive Collection is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

If the proliferation of 4K games on consoles and PC has left you longing for the simple days of 16-bit action you’ll be glad to know that a Sega Mega Drive collection is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in a matter of months.

The announcement of the collection came via Twitter in a post which was very quickly deleted. It’s likely that the post just went up a little early but naturally fans spotted it and reposted it because you can’t make mistakes on the internet without answering for them.

As the tweet only contains a trailer and a May 29 release date, there isn’t much detail with regards to which games will feature in the collection. However, the trailer definitely shows Sonic The Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Streets Of Rage, ToeJam Earl, Golden Axe, Space Harrier, Gunstar Heroes, and The Revenge Of Shinobi.

Given that Sega previously released a Mega Drive collection on PS3 and Xbox 360 which featured around 50 of its classic titles, we think it’s likely the new version will contain this if not more. 

It’s surprising that no Nintendo Switch version has been announced as it seems like the kind of title that would be a prime candidate for porting to Nintendo’s popular new console. However, given that this announcement was a bit of an accidental leak we’ll hold our breath for a while longer.

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