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See, Apple was right to dump a headphone jack

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

So many for all a hand-wringing over Apple’s preference to dump a headphone jack.

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After poking fun during Apple final year for removing absolved of a headphone jack from a iPhone, Google has this year followed fit and forsaken a bequest connector from a Pixel 2.

Back in August of final year, we done a following prediction:

“… if Apple drops it for a iPhone and a iPad, other companies won’t be means to conflict duplicating a move. Oh, sure, they competence reason out during first, though eventually, they will all follow suit.”

I done a pierce to Bluetooth headphones years ago so it never unequivocally worried me that a headphone jack’s days were numbered. And even when, many moons ago, we did use corded headphones, we hated a headphone jack for a unreliability. It’s a automatic device, and as such it’s disposed to repairs and wear. Not usually that, though it acts as a hole that dirt, dust, water, and pointless slot schmoo can use to get into your device. While it’s probable to make a headphone jack water- and dust-resistant, that costs additional money, and it’s still a intensity disaster point.

Headphone jacks also aren’t free. If we take a demeanour over on DigiKey, they work out during around dual for a dollar if we buy a thousand. Companies that make smartphones and tablets buy them in larger quantities, so they can get them cheaper than that, though I’d guess that even during a cheapest finish of a spectrum, they cost about $0.10 each.

And that’s usually a jack; it doesn’t embody assembly.

Any member we can do though means income saved, and when you’re traffic with razor-thin distinction margins, even a integrate of cents saved per device adds up.

USB-C also creates it easier — and cheaper — for companies to dump a headphones port. Not usually does this discharge a headphone jack itself, though it does divided with a analog-to-digital electronics that it requires. This means fewer components, and that in spin means a cheaper check or materials and a thinner device (because we all wish thinner devices, right?).

But a genuine reason we’ve seen companies desert a headphone jack is since Apple forsaken it. Yes, they competence poke fun or reason out for a while, though a days were numbered as shortly as it was forsaken from a iPhone.

Do we now weep a flitting of a floppy drive, a visual drive, or a 30-pin iPod connector? No. And a same will be loyal of a 3.5mm headphone jack.






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Didn’t consider it was a large understanding when Apple forsaken a headphone jack from a iPhone 7? This year will see a common 3.5mm pier private from a lot some-more devices.

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Like it or not, a common 3.5 mm headphone jack is on a approach out, and there’s zero we can do about it.

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