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Samsung VP on TVs: ‘The contention about design peculiarity will turn obsolete’

Who cares about design quality? Soon, nobody, according to Samsung, that has announced some-more sum of a stirring Frame TVs.

Describing a quantum dot tech as a “huge jump forward” during a IFA Grand Press Conference in Lisbon today, Michael Zoller, Vice President, Head of Visual Display Europe during Samsung, afterwards delivered a medium explain about a company’s QLED-branded LCD TVs. 

“QLED with quantum dot and 4K HDR calm is delivering a biggest design peculiarity and knowledge we will ever have on any TV,” he said. “But we won’t dwell serve on design peculiarity since we trust that with a launch of QLED a contention about design peculiarity will turn obsolete.”

“Don’t misunderstand; of march we know that design peculiarity is really critical and is a substructure of a TV, yet we have now reached a turn where a alleviation will turn reduction and reduction visible.” 

Initial reviews of Samsung’s QLED TVS – such as a 65-inch Samsung QE65Q9FAM/QN65Q9FAM – are positive, yet Zoller’s display during a eventuality was followed by information from GfK that suggested that OLED TVs are doing good compared to these large shade LCDTVs.

“Up until now a attention has been driven by bigger TVs, yet something really engaging is happening,” pronounced Paul Gray, Principal Analyst during IHS Technology. “OLED TV prices are a same as a reward LCD TV that’s 10 inches bigger … it’s apropos a constrained choice to go for an OLED rather than a bigger LCD.” 

For instance, pronounced Gray, 65-inch OLED TVs out-sell 75-inch LCD TVs notwithstanding prices being a same. OLED tech is being embraced each TV code bar Samsung in 2017.

Samsung’s claims about design quality’s passing as a reason for selecting a TV were followed by an proclamation that a Frame TVs, denounced during a CES in Jan as prototypes, will be on sale really soon. 

The design-led QLED TVs, that have been combined to demeanour like works of art when switched-off, are a transparent try to opposition LG’s Signature Series W7 OLED TVs. 

Zoller announced that a Frame TVs will sell in Europe by a finish of May, and afterwards roll-out opposite a globe. They will be accessible in both 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, with an RRP of €2,200 ($2,350, £1,840, AUS$3,125).

Other details, such as resolution, were not shared, yet Zoller did announce a Frame TVs would be easy to hang on a wall and have usually one cable. They’re a greeting to Samsung’s investigate that found that 30% of Europeans hang a TV on a wall, yet 70% would like to. 

Along with a mountain that allows a TV to lay flush to a wall, a Frame TVs will have an ‘invisible cable’, yet he did slight to discuss a energy cable.

The concomitant video also showed several images of Frame TVs hung approach above eye-level in vital rooms. Now that’s a rookie mistake if ever we saw one.

“There is so most some-more than resolution, distance and design quality,” resolved Zoller. “So be prepared to speak reduction and reduction about design peculiarity and some-more and some-more about your life and your character when it comes to televisions.”

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