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Samsung hits record quarterly distinction on behind of semiconductor business

(Image: Samsung)

Semiconductors are once again a distinction engine for Samsung Electronics, that announced a second entertain handling distinction of 14 trillion won on Thursday on income of 61 trillion, representing a 6 percent year-on-year boost in profit, and a 20 percent boost in income from a same time final year.

The company’s prior quarterly record was 10.1 trillion won posted for a third entertain in 2013.

The transparent standout business shred for Samsung was a semiconductor business, that increasing a handling distinction to 8 trillion won from 2.6 trillion won a year ago. Revenue for a semiconductor shred increasing 46 percent year-on-year to 17.6 trillion won, a association said.

Samsung pronounced a semiconductor business was driven by clever direct for server memory and SSD storage while attention supply is limited, and expects direct to continue for a rest of a year.

For a mobile business, income increasing 11 percent to 29 trillion won though distinction fell by 3 billion won to 4 trillion won.

The association pronounced it saw increasing tellurian sales of its flagship Galaxy S8 handset, while a center and low-end smartphone sales declined. The Korean behemoth also pronounced it saw clever direct for LTE apparatus from abroad customers.

In May, Samsung pronounced it had sold over 5 million Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus units.

Looking forward, a association is awaiting “solid sales” in a flagship S8 and new Note devices, though did advise a quarter-on-quarter profitability would tumble due to increasing selling activity surrounding a new Note.

For a other business segments, consumer wiring was down 1 percent in sales, and 68 percent in profit; while a arrangement row business saw a distinction burst to 1.7 trillion won from 0.14 trillion won a year ago, and a sales boost 20 percent to 7.7 trillion won.

Samsung pronounced it has 54 trillion won in net cash, an 11 trillion won diminution from a same time final year.

In a prior quarter, Samsung posted 9.9 trillion won in profit, that during a time was a company’s second best entertain ever.

The bulk of a Q1 distinction was once again a semiconductor business, that contributed 6.32 trillion won.

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