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Samsung Galaxy S9 review: Not perfect, though still a stellar phone

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus were announced in late Feb and went on sale in a center of March. Since that time, ZDNet’s Matthew Miller reviewed a bigger Galaxy S9 Plus, proclaiming a device is “Android soundness achieved.”

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For roughly a past 6 weeks, I’ve used a smaller Galaxy S9, regulating it as my usually camera to cover Apple’s Education Event, and as my daily device for an extended volume of time.

And while we mostly determine with Miller’s assessment, a Galaxy S9 does have some flaws. Just how many of an impact on a altogether knowledge do those flaws have? Let’s look.

Sticking with what works


(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

By all accounts, a Galaxy S9 looks scarcely matching to final year’s Galaxy S8 lineup. The Galaxy S9 has a 5.8-inch Infinity Display that forgoes roughly all bezels and wraps around a sides with a slight curve. On a right side of a phone is a energy button, with a volume rocker and a dedicated Bixby symbol on a left side.

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Indeed, usually as was a box with a Galaxy S8, a Bixby symbol on a Galaxy S9 is still usually as pointless. Granted, Samsung now gives users a choice to invalidate Bixby and a dedicated button, though we still don’t have an central choice to use a symbol to launch an app of a choosing.

On a backside of a Galaxy S9 is a 12-megapixel camera, with twin orifice and a fingerprint sensor. The plcae of a fingerprint reader is one of a usually visible differences between final year’s indication and a Galaxy S9. Instead of fixation a reader subsequent to a left of a camera, a Galaxy S9’s reader sits usually next a camera. The new position feels some-more healthy and is forever easier to strech when regulating a phone with one hand.

Samsung also left a 3.5mm headphone jack alone, environment a smartphone detached from Apple’s iPhone lineup and Google’s Pixel 2 devices. A USB-C pier on a bottom of a Galaxy S9 is used for charging and syncing a phone with a computer. On tip of a phone is a total microSD label and SIM label tray. The Galaxy S9 still has an IP68 rating for dirt and H2O resistance.

The potion behind stranded around as well, permitting for wireless charging and for fingerprints and scratches to plod adult a demeanour of your phone.



(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

Inside a Galaxy S9 is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of memory, a 3,000mAh battery, and 64GB of storage. Starting May 1, business can preorder a Galaxy S9 with possibly 128GB or 256GB of storage directly from Samsung. Otherwise, wireless carriers and retailers will usually lift a 64GB model.

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I have no complaints or issues with a phone’s altogether performance. Apps open fast, scrolling by apps like Facebook or Twitter is stumble free, and cinema demeanour extraordinary on a phone’s screen.



Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about a company’s latest iPad during a special eventuality in Mar 2018. The print was prisoner regulating a Galaxy S9 on automobile mode.

(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

The 12-megapixel back camera on a Galaxy S9 automatically switches between apertures of f/1.5 and f/2.4. Multiple apertures on a singular lens is routinely a underline found on dedicated cameras.

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The incomparable f/1.5 orifice is used essentially in low-light situations, while a smaller f/2.4 orifice is some-more frequently used. When regulating involuntary mode a camera app identifies a stage and switches between a twin apertures on a possess in an try to constraint a best shot. Users who like a bit some-more control can use Pro mode in a camera app to manually name a aperture.

As we formerly said, we used a Galaxy S9 as a camera to fire photos of a Apple keynote in late March. we left involuntary mode enabled a whole time, and have 0 complaints with a results.

Outside of a ungainly lighting situation, we continue to be tender by a unchanging opening of a Galaxy S9’s camera. With a iPhone X, we feel as if there are times when we have to do all a meditative about framing, liughtness settings, and capturing a shot usually right to get a outcome we want. With a Galaxy S9, we can open a camera app, take a picture, and some-more mostly than not, it’s going to demeanour how we expected.

The Galaxy S9 Plus boasts twin rear-facing cameras, that is one underline we do wish Samsung had enclosed in a customary Galaxy S9.

Super slo-mo

Not one to settle for unchanging slow-motion, Samsung opted to supplement 960fps delayed suit constraint to a Galaxy S9 lineup. The underline is found in a camera app and has twin opposite constraint modes: Manual or auto.

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With Auto selected, we set an area on a arrangement where we design a suit to take place. Once a camera detects motion, it starts recording 0.2 seconds of video. That clearly diminutive volume of time is extended to six-seconds of video since of delayed motion. When regulating primer mode, as shortly as a shiver is pressed, a phone annals a same 0.2-second video.

When Super Slo-Mo works, a finish outcome is considerable and gives we a approach to see things in suit like you’ve never seen before. However, conditions have to be usually right. For example, a well-lit area — such as outward during a day — is many required. we attempted formulating a slow-motion shave in a tolerably illuminated grill during one point, and a finish outcome was a distant too dim video clip.

I’ve experimented with both primer and automobile mode and found that primer mode is a many unchanging approach to constraint a clip. With automobile enabled, possibly a shave started approach too early and missed what we wanted to see in delayed motion, or a suit was missed altogether.

On a flip side, primer mode takes use in sequence to get a timing just right.

Battery life

This is where a Galaxy S9 falls brief of perfection. During my time with a phone, I’ve consistently had to assign a phone shortly after cooking in sequence to make it until we go to bed; and that’s with sitting during my desk, regulating a phone sparingly via a workday.

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I frequency gifted any battery life issues with a Galaxy S8, notwithstanding it carrying a same accurate distance of a battery.

Perhaps Android Oreo has something to do with a fast empty on a battery, or there’s something else Samsung has finished with a Samsung Experience tweaks, that a association creates to Android, that’s causing bad battery life.

The Galaxy S9 Plus has a bigger battery during 3,500mAh, and would expected be a device we would squeeze if we had to make a preference tomorrow.

Android’s best?


(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

The Galaxy S9 is one of a best Android phones now available, though is it the best? No.

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The pretension goes possibly to a Galaxy S9 Plus or Google’s Pixel 2 XL.

For me, a Galaxy S9 does a lot of things right. Considering a display, a camera, altogether performance, and coherence of Android a Galaxy S9 is a top-notch phone. But bad battery life left me with frustration, and on one occasion, but a phone for an whole dusk in a totally opposite city.

If we exclude to compensate additional for a Galaxy S9 Plus, or simply don’t wish a phone that large (I can’t censure you), and opt to go with a smaller Galaxy S9, we suggest picking adult a Mophie Juice Pack. we have one and don’t leave home but it.






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