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Samsung Galaxy S9 likely to have a new Dex Pad accessory

Late last year we heard rumors that Samsung might launch a new accessory alongside the Galaxy S9, dubbed the Dex Pad, and it looks like those rumors were right, as a Dex Pad has now been trademarked by Samsung in Europe.

The PDF filing doesn’t reveal much other than the name, but does add that the Dex Pad is designed for “projecting the screen of mobile device to displays via computer peripheral devices and wireless networks.”

In other words, it’s a way to hook your phone up to a larger display, which is exactly what the Dex Station launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 is used for. That device also lets you connect a mouse and keyboard, so you can use your phone more like a desktop operating system.

No mouse needed

It’s not totally clear how the Dex Pad will differ, but from the name it’s likely that you’ll be able to lay the Samsung Galaxy S9 flat on it, a bit like a wireless charging pad, and then potentially use the touchscreen in place of a mouse.

Assuming that’s the case it’s not clear whether or not you’ll also be able to plug in wired accessories to it, or whether it will also wirelessly charge the Samsung Galaxy S9, but we should find out soon, as we’d imagine Samsung will announce the Dex Pad at the same time as the Galaxy S9, likely during MWC 2018 in late February.

However, while some stores may bundle the two devices, the Dex Pad is likely to be sold separately in most cases, and may not be cheap, as the Dex Station launched for $150/£140/AU$200.

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Via PhoneArena and GalaxyClub

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