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Samsung Galaxy S8 review: The best phone ever made, usually smaller

Updated 05/31/17: You can now buy a entirely unbarred Galaxy S8 and S8+ from Best Buy stores,, and, as good as by conduit stores.

If we haven’t nonetheless examination a extensive examination of a Galaxy S8+, we should. Nearly all pronounced about that phone relates to a smaller Galaxy S8. It’s got a same beautiful design, a same best-ever display, a same overwhelming camera, same processor, memory, storage, features…it’s usually smaller.

The arrangement is 5.8 inches instead of 6.2, and a battery is 3,000 mAh instead of 3,500. These differences, and a cost tab about $130 lower, are all a detached a Galaxy S8 from a S8+. 

That means a problems with a S8+ are apparent here as well, namely an unbelievably bad fingerprint sensor plcae and a muted entrance of Samsung’s Bixby AI assistant. Both are annoying, though generally avoidable, and so usually somewhat taint a Galaxy S8’s shine.

Speed and stamina

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are a initial phones to strike a marketplace with Qualcomm’s new 10nm Snapdragon 835 processor. The formula are impressive. It delivers faster benchmarks than a Snapdragon 821, generally in multitasking and graphics performance. In many apps we won’t indispensably feel a difference, as we’ve reached a indicate where program optimization means some-more to how a high-end phone “feels” than processor performance. But it’s a appetite potency that impresses me.


Particularly in 3D graphics tests, a new Snapdragon 835 outpaces a 821.

The Galaxy S8 has a smaller arrangement than a S8+, whose reduce energy mandate assistance to equivalent a roughly 17 percent smaller battery. we had no difficulty removing by a full day of moderate-to-heavy usage, withdrawal Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth incited on, along with adaptive liughtness and all a other sub-optimal settings that unchanging people use. The incomparable phone will substantially final a small longer in real-world use, if usually given a larger ability will give it some-more standby “screen off” time. Our battery test, run with displays always on and bound during 200 nits, showed both phones to have identical glorious battery life.


Battery life is softened than you’d design from a 3,000 mAh battery. The phone simply lasts all day.

Kitchen penetrate included

But good hardware is about some-more than usually quick processor speeds and prolonged battery life. It’s future-proofing facilities like support for gigabit wireless (carriers will hurl it out over a entrance year). It’s wireless quick charging, with support for both Qi and PMA standards. It’s USB-C and unequivocally quick connected charging—I went from 0 to 73% in one hour with a enclosed charger. It’s 64GB of storage standard, with support for microSD cards to enhance it. It’s Bluetooth 5, that promises longer range, aloft bandwidth, and faster tie times. The Galaxy S8 is a initial phone on a marketplace to embody it.

Jason Cross/IDG

Samsung fit a ton of hardware into a little package, with roughly no bezels, and waterpoofing, and didn’t mislay a headphone jack. Take that, Apple.

The IP68 waterproofing can be a lifesaver, and Samsung didn’t have to kill a headphone jack to yield it. The GS8’s speaker quality is usually so-so, though a 32-bit DAC produces purify and minute audio from a headphone jack. In fact, a Galaxy S8 and S8+ boat with a span of AKG earbuds in a box that are distant and divided best pack-in earbuds I’ve ever used. Samsung says they’re value $100, and from a glorious build peculiarity (dig that braided cord) to a transparent and punchy sound, we consider that cost is about right. They’re softened than some $100 headphones I’ve used, though not a best in that cost range. To get this peculiarity enclosed in a box is outrageously overwhelming and puts all other reward smartphone vendors on notice.

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