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Samsung Exynos III is a standalone VR headset with eye-tracking tech

KOREAN GADGET MAKER Samsung is working on a standalone virtual reality (VR) headset that will come equipped with eye-tracking technology.

MSIP, a Korean government agency, has spilled the beans and announced today that Samsung is working on an all-in-one, head-mounted VR display using tracking technology from a member company called Visual Camp.

This eye-tracking tech will use “foveated rendering”, which means it will track where users are looking and offer up high-resolution imagery in their direct line of sight. This should make for a smoother experience, as well as reducing the amount of power required and heat produced. 

Visual Camp CEO Suk Yunchan said: “By collaborating with Samsung Electronics, our technology was internationally recognised at MWCS 2017, enabling us to secure a bridgehead for future global marketing efforts. Now, we will continue promoting the high quality of Korean startup technologies and products overseas.”

The headset, dubbed the ‘Exynos III VR’, will also come equipped with hand tracking, voice recognition and facial expression recognition, according to the release.

While it’s likely a long way off from a commercial release, those interested can also expect to find 10nm SoC paired with Mali G71 graphics, likely Samsung’s homegrown Exynos 9 series processor. This will be capable of powering two WQHD+ 2560×1440 displays at 90Hz, or one 4K display at 75Hz. 

Samsung, which reportedly showed off the Exynos III VR during secretive meetings at this year’s MWC, hasn’t yet spoken out about the standalone headset, and it’s not yet clear when it will be released. 

The Exynos III VR, which likely will launch under the Gear VR brand, isn’t all Samsung is working on. The WSJ reported on Tuesday that the firm is also working on a Bixby-powered speaker, codenamed ‘Vega’. µ



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