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Samsung Exynos III is a standalone VR headset with eye-tracking tech

KOREAN GADGET MAKER Samsung is operative on a standalone practical existence (VR) headset that will come versed with eye-tracking technology.

MSIP, a Korean supervision agency, has spilled a beans and announced today that Samsung is operative on an all-in-one, head-mounted VR arrangement regulating tracking record from a member association called Visual Camp.

This eye-tracking tech will use “foveated rendering”, that means it will lane where users are looking and offer up high-resolution imagery in their approach line of sight. This should make for a smoother experience, as good as shortening a volume of energy compulsory and feverishness produced. 

Visual Camp CEO Suk Yunchan said: “By collaborating with Samsung Electronics, a record was internationally recognized during MWCS 2017, enabling us to secure a front for destiny tellurian selling efforts. Now, we will continue compelling a high peculiarity of Korean startup technologies and products overseas.”

The headset, dubbed a ‘Exynos III VR’, will also come versed with hand tracking, voice approval and facial countenance recognition, according to a release.

While it’s expected a prolonged approach off from a blurb release, those meddlesome can also design to find 10nm SoC interconnected with Mali G71 graphics, expected Samsung’s homegrown Exynos 9 array processor. This will be able of powering dual WQHD+ 2560×1440 displays during 90Hz, or one 4K arrangement during 75Hz. 

Samsung, that reportedly showed off a Exynos III VR during sly meetings during this year’s MWC, hasn’t nonetheless oral out about a standalone headset, and it’s not nonetheless transparent when it will be released. 

The Exynos III VR, that expected will launch underneath a Gear VR brand, isn’t all Samsung is operative on. The WSJ reported on Tuesday that the organisation is also operative on a Bixby-powered speaker, codenamed ‘Vega’. µ



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