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Samsung confirms prolongation of cryptocurrency mining chips

Too mainstream for criminals, bitcoin is losing a ransomware appeal

As seductiveness in cryptocurrencies and a event for discerning distinction increases so has a direct for chips able of ancillary mining rigs.


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Graphics cards are now in such high direct that Nvidia has attempted to placate a gaming community by seeking retailers to put gamers before miners, and this hardware is possibly sole out, on pre-order usually or overpriced by many sellers.

Gamers might be frustrated, though a direct for graphics and ASIC chips able of ancillary mining rigs used to cave cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin — in a days when it was financially viable for normal consumers to do so — Ethereum, and others, also represents an event for manufacturers.

Samsung has stepped adult a diversion in a processor attention recently, carrying recently booted Intel off a perch as a tip semiconductor manufacturer worldwide.

It seems, however, that a South Korean tech hulk also wants a cut of a cryptocurrency business to stay tip dog.

Speaking to TechCrunch, a Samsung deputy reliable that a association is now prolongation ASIC chips suitable for mining rigs.

“Samsung’s foundry business is now intent in a prolongation of cryptocurrency mining chips,” a association orator told a publication. “However we are incompetent to divulge serve sum per a customers.”

The company, however, declined to offer serve comment.

Korean internal media reported earlier this month that Samsung finished a pattern for a ASIC chip in 2017 and began mass prolongation in January.

Samsung has also reportedly cumulative a agreement with an unnamed Chinese Bitcoin mining hardware company, potentially to supply chips suitable for blurb mining rigs.

Dedicated chips designed for cryptocurrency mining are some-more fit than graphics cards as a latter was never grown for such tasks. Miners — during least, commercially — have begun to pierce divided from graphics cards and towards ASIC hardware, though for miners in a ubiquitous population, graphics cards are still a many accessible.

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Samsung is already mass producing 10-nanometre 16Gb GDDR6 DRAM that can make mining some-more fit by graphics cards, though a intensity change towards dedicated chips could be a uninformed income opening for a association as prolonged as seductiveness in cryptocurrency stays strong.

Samsung also recently announced a prolongation of a Eyxnos 9810 focus octa-core processor, a chip with AI-supporting facilities and 4 2.9GHz cores.






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