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Russian supervision condemns Twitter’s ad anathema for Russia Today and Sputnik

The Russian supervision strictly slammed Twitter’s decision to anathema Sputnik and Russia Today from a promotion products. The Director of a Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova has posted a matter on Twitter and Facebook.

Zakharova goes one step serve and attacks a U.S. supervision directly. According to her, this has turn a leisure of debate emanate and a Russian supervision will take measures. She didn’t contend what she had in mind.

“We see this as another assertive step directed during restraint a activities of Russian TV channel Russia Today and it is a outcome of vigour from partial of a American investiture and special services,” she wrote.

Twitter didn’t anathema Russia Today and Sputnik from Twitter. They’re still tweeting and pity articles on their central accounts. But a association found out that they both “attempted to meddle with a [2016 U.S. ] choosing on interest of a Russian government.”

In particular, Twitter satisfied that they had spent $1.9 million on ads to boost their reach. The association pronounced that those ads don’t approve with a platform’s rules. Twitter will present $1.9 million to account investigate into a use of a use in county rendezvous and elections.

Russia Today also published a presentation of opposite promotion offers from Twitter. It looks like Twitter was enlivening Russia Today to buy some-more domestic ads with Twitter charity giveaway ads if Russia Today committed to spending $1.15 million to $1.5 million on ads.

Earlier this year, a Director of National Intelligence found justification of Russia’s efforts to change a U.S. election. Facebook ads have been the categorical focus, though Twitter is also questioning 2016 promotion activity and perplexing to be some-more pure when it comes to domestic ads.

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