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Rumour bell: Intel may want to license graphics technology from AMD

Intel and AMD may high five over graphics chips IP

HARK, DO YOU HEAR THAT CLANGING? A chip industry rumour bell has gone off and lit up suggestions of a graphics licensing agreement between AMD and Intel.

There is no smoke without fire and we can confirm that both these firms exist, and that both have a vested interest in chips and intellectual property. These are pretty solid signs that the two parties might parley, but we have not been able to encourage any official word so far.

Perhaps they are shy, perhaps they prefer, like a lot of firms, not to comment on rumour and speculation. This only leaves us to speculate, and speculate we shall. Intel has the coin and the desire, apparently, and AMD has the smarts and the goodies.

The Tech Report website is where we find the source of our rumour, saying that a deal between Intel and Nvidia is winding down and could make room for a new arrangement. This is just business sense.

Intel will be looking to set up a similar arrangement with another partner and – we’ll be honest – it will not have many options to choose from. AMD, and we are not trying to be unkind, could probably benefit from the cash.

Intel quickly declined our request for a comment, while AMD is on annual leave or having one of those long lunches. We left a long voice mail, and will have to check back later.

So there we are, stuck on the cusp of a rumour about a deal between AMD and Intel. To be fair, this could go either way, but we’ll settle for its being a done deal. We might as well. It’s hardly Game of Thrones is it?

We shall look forward to the celebratory announcements when they come out from either party and consider their statements about intellectual property sharing and all that jazz with the casual insouciance of a cat with cream in abundance. µ

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