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Rumors spirit during a world’s initial AMD-powered Chromebook

Chromebooks are renouned laptop inclination that have in a past used Intel or ARM processors. However, new rumors advise that an arriving Chromebook could be a initial one in a universe to be powered by an AMD chip.

Codenamed ‘Kahlee’, this Chromebook would apparently use an AMD house that uses a Stoney Ridge chipset with possibly a twin or quad-core 28nm processor, as good as a 3rd-generation Graphics Core Next AMD Radeon GPU.

The intensity existence of Kahlee was found in a Coreboot formula review, that contains references to device and a hardware it uses. Coreboot is an open source choice to BIOS and UEFI exclusive firmware, that all Chromebooks now use to boot.

A mangle with tradition

There have also been other references to Kahlee in propinquity to Chrome OS (the handling complement done by Google that all Chromebooks run) recently, though this is a initial time it’s been hinted that a ‘Kahlee’ Chromebook would use an AMD processor.

Giving consumers a choice other than Intel or ARM-based Chromebooks is always welcome, and it comes during a time when AMD is gaining certain headlines, interjection to a new Ryzen CPU architecture.

By regulating a comparison Stoney Ridge APU, Kahlee would be some-more in line with prior Chromebooks powered by Intel and ARM chips – so design a device that puts reduce cost before aloft performance. 

Powerful and reward Chromebooks aren’t too renouned (Google killed off a pricey Chromebook Pixel final month), and as Chrome OS is reduction perfectionist than Windows or macOS, it could still perform good for day-to-day tasks.

We’ll really wish to get a hands on any AMD-powered Chromebook in a future, so if Kahlee turns out to be true, keep an eye out for a review.

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