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Roccat Kone AIMO

Roccat recently expelled the Roccat Leadrits now-venerable Tyon mouseRoccat Kone XTDKone Pure, and Kone[+], among other models, all bear declare to vital changes in a brand. In fact, if you’re already informed with a line, take a Tyon’s underline set, partner it to a Kone EMP’s design, and you’ve got something adequate like a Kone AIMO to pass for it in a military lineup.


Let’s start off with a discerning glance…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Overhead)

Similarities to a Kone EMP are prominent, detailing aside. The right rodent symbol isn’t as prolonged as on a EMP, nonetheless a distinguished rodent wheel, a span of buttons placed plumb underneath it, a trademark placement, and a prolongation to a reduce right dire into a palm pronounce to a Kone AIMO’s EMP ancestry.

Roccat’s latest rodent is unequivocally chunkier than a EMP, in a clarity that it bears a array of blockish, nonfunctional styling elements. This isn’t a criticism, even if it sounds like one, given tastes about such matters differ. Suffice to contend that it has a share of pointy angles and shiny, contemplative surfaces, if not as many as a mecha designs that a late Mad Catz loosed in a R.A.T. line.

Let’s get closer to a meteor’s surface…

Roccat Kone AIMO (DPI Buttons)

The rodent circle is comparatively wide, with a good, rough tread. The dual buttons underneath it are set by default to DPI Up and Down. Those are good choices, and simply improved than a single, unidirectional DPI Cycle symbol (which means a customarily approach to get from a third to a second of 5 stored DPI settings is to pierce by a fourth, fifth, and first). We are prejudiced to a two-way DPI toggle switch as well, however.

Another indicate of note is that what appears to be a distinct black erratic bar surveying a AIMO on a left indeed has a span of buttons, that we can see to improved outcome here…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Diagonal)

(The analogous bar outcome on a right is customarily a brief pattern element. Sorry, lefties, there are no buttons on a right. No Kone AIMO for you.) You should be means to make out a pointy planes of a buttons, nonetheless this perspective is even clearer…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Close Diagonal)

They’re placed comparatively tighten to one another, nonetheless are unequivocally easy to distinguish.

Here they are again from a side perspective that emphasizes a seldom-seen ergonomic feature…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Side View)

Roccat Kone AIMO (Side Buttons)

Some mice offer support for a ride around a corner or rest, as a AIMO does, nonetheless few produce a contoured, concave area in that to place a ride round itself. This creates for a somewhat some-more secure grasp, nonetheless we’d have favourite to see a roughened hardness to a rodent sides for a firmer grip.

Ergonomics figure elsewhere in a AIMO’s design, too. As that side perspective shows, a rodent has a clever loyal arch, with substantial dropoff both during a front and a rear. This creates a good understanding crater for a hand, as does a plane arch, cresting underneath a index finger. At 5.1 inches long, though, it’s customarily a bit of a strech for a mid-sized palm regulating an ergonomic palm grip, nonetheless not too many so. Larger hands will find it easier to scheme this rodent around.

Let’s lapse quickly to a side view, and take a closer demeanour during that ride rest…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Third Side Button)

Extending customarily over a corner by an eighth of an in. is a third button. It’s related to a underline called Easy-Shift, that Roccat has offering in a Tyon and Leadr—and that Razer offers as Hypershift in a Razer Atheris mobile mouse. Press and reason it, and your buttons benefit a second action. We’ll go into this in some-more fact in a Features section.

There’s zero to see on a Kone AIMO’s underside, solely 5 rubber pads and a visible sensor…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Underside)

Finally, it’s also value mentioning that a rodent comes with a 70.5-inch, simply braided cord. It’s sturdier than rubber-coated ones, safeguarding a wires inside better, even if it sacrifices a bit of coherence in a process.

check it out for all a details. Here, though, we’ll promulgate it.

This is a initial shade we see, and it’s named Settings…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Swarm Settings)

Aside from several things we can already do in a rodent area of your Control Panel, it also stores adult to 5 DPI settings. Unfortunately, we can’t apart a X and Y axes, as we can regulating a Logitech Gaming System, Corsair Utility Engine 2, or Razer Synapse 3. It’s a useful control to have if you’re personification on a widescreen monitor.

The rest of a screens, unfortunately, underline low gray content on black backgrounds, that creates for eyestrain. Button Reassignment is customary in that respect, nonetheless it is superbly straightforward…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Swarm Button Reassignment)

The dual columns on a right are for customary and Easy-Shift symbol assignments. The latter have a separate, user-assigned array of actions, that are invoked by holding down a pedal underneath your ride and a second button. By default, for example, a symbol directly underneath a corkscrew circle is DPI Up, nonetheless with a Easy-Shift symbol pulpy during a same time, it’s set for Next Profile.

The Button Assignment shade lists 13 buttons, of that 11 are re-programmable. (Try clicking possibly a left or right rodent button, and we get a unrelenting popup stating, “Left and Right Click Must Be Bound!” with indignant exclamation point. Fortunately, Roccat forgot to spin on a summons effects.) Four of these are substantially all you’ll wish to use: a dual side buttons, and a dual corkscrew circle tilts.

Props to Roccat for populating a list of reassignable actions so handsomely and in such a well-organized fashion. They embody Advanced Functions, Basic Functions, Multimedia, Internet, Assign a Hotkey, Assign a Macro, Open (Swarm, Website, Application, Document), and more.

Advanced Settings is your common transfer belligerent for controls that don’t fit elsewhere in a pattern utility…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Swarm Advanced Settings)

Two are critical to note. We’d have elite Angle Snapping implemented as it is in a Mionix CastorMionix Avior 7000, on a linear slider with 15 gradients, nonetheless carrying it as an on/off switch is positively useful. Though some gamers don’t caring for it, others like a ability to auto-correct for visible misjudgments caused by aiming along a loyal line during a relocating target. The other useful duty is Calibrate. It’s a lift stretch wizard: customarily click, run your rodent around for 15 seconds on a stream surface, and a new lift stretch takes effect. We could wish for a ability to store these, however, so that if, for instance, we pierce frequently between dual or 3 surfaces, these could be accessed immediately as needed.

The Illumination choice brings us here…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Swarm Illumination)

There are 5 lighting zones, a corkscrew wheel, and a dual erratic stripes on possibly side on a top. Roccat reserve 5 lighting effects: Fully Lit, Colorwave, Snake, Heartbeat 2.0, and Breathing 2.0, along with a by-now approaching 16.8 million colors. You can also customize a diagonals for shading, change speed, and adjust brightness.

One of a ways in that Swarm shows a age is a Profile Manager, selectable during a bottom of a screen…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Swarm Profile Manager)

That’s right, customarily five stored profiles. You can give them particular names and couple any to launch with a specific program, nonetheless we don’t know because Roccat has nonetheless to correct adult to a fact that many gamers play a lot some-more than customarily 5 games. This isn’t a torpedo emanate by any means, nonetheless if Joe Gamer is competition adult a new rodent and sees that Razer and Corsair support total game-linked profiles, it’s going to make a difference.

Finally, we have a macro editor…

Roccat Kone AIMO (Swarm Macro Editor)

One engaging underline is that it comes preloaded with a operation of macros for opposite games. Some of a entries, however, are in fact blanks, such as Crusader Kings 2, and we competence good wish to customize your possess in any case. Outside of a macros Roccat supplies, it’s a decent nonetheless simple editor, lacking in a kind of worldly logic-building that a recently reviewed Swiftpoint Z supports, or a far-reaching customization a Corsair Utility Engine offers.

The switches are Omrons, rated for a lifecycle of 50 million clicks. We discuss this, nonetheless there’s a notice in during slightest some of a gaming village that switch peculiarity in ubiquitous is inconsistent. On a other hand, as with a Leadr, so with a Kone AIMO: it uses a PixArt 3361 visible sensor, a various on a unequivocally well-regarded 3360.

Performance Testing

The Kone AIMO weighs in during 4.6 ounces, heavier than we cite in a fast, real-time fight common to MOBA, RTS, and movement RPG titles. That’s not to contend this rodent couldn’t be used in those games, nonetheless if you’re in a multiplayer compare opposite someone equally learned nonetheless with a lighter mouse, arguably you’re during a disadvantage. To a other side, this rodent conveys a clarity of firmness, along with some plain ergonomic advantages, such as a ride rest and a concave mark on a left side for a ride ball. We found it too complicated for amply discerning responses in DOTA 2, nonetheless we have to contend that after a few longer sessions a right palm remained in flattering good shape. These aren’t issues with pause- and turn-based titles such as Dead Age or Nobunaga’s Ambition 13, nonetheless we unequivocally can’t means to get a ride cramp or sleepy wrist in a center of a multiplayer tournament.

One ergonomic emanate we do have with a Kone AIMO is a deficiency of side grips. Some competence disagree that this contributes customarily to a clarity of control rather than truly adding some-more control, nonetheless a psychological corner is still an edge. And either loyal or not, it done this comparatively complicated rodent seem customarily a bit some-more unwieldy in fast real-time gameplay. The PixArt 3361 visible sensor, however, delivered customarily as promised. It’s a movement of one of a glorious sensors on a marketplace today, a 3360, and goes accurately where we send it: no more, no less. It never unsuccessful us.

While a Kone AIMO, like a Leadr, takes some of a DNA from a Roccat Tyon, a AIMO’s looks come from a other side of a family. Like a Roccat EMP, it doesn’t competition a resources of buttons—but it’s still pretty generous. Assuming we don’t wish to reassign a corkscrew circle or DPI Up and Down buttons, that leaves we with a dual corkscrew circle tilts and a dual side buttons. On tip of that, we have Easy-Switch, that turns those 4 buttons into eight. We acknowledge that we don’t find circle sloping in realtime games attractive, given it takes your index finger divided from a home on a left rodent button, nonetheless in pausable titles it’s a useful underline to have.

Hardcore gamers customarily put a lot of importance on a good pattern application to assistance tailor their personification to particular titles, and here, Roccat isn’t during a strongest. Swarm’s dim grey content on a black credentials compares unfavorably to a Corsair Utility Engine’s white on black, and Razer Synapse’s immature and black content on a white background. Some common facilities are startling in their absence—such as total game-specific profiles, apart X and Y axes in a DPI settings, and a unequivocally top-notch macro editor. Still, Swarm has an glorious array of actions for symbol assignment, and is intensely good organized. If we customarily play a few games, don’t use a widescreen monitor, and don’t need many some-more from a macro editor than record and playback, there’s small to criticize—assuming we have a flashlight accessible to make out a content on many of a screens.


Basically, we like a Kone AIMO, nonetheless we find it too complicated for fast-paced gaming. Others competence differ in their views, nonetheless for us, it’s an glorious rodent for turn- and pause-based games. It’s got a good visible sensor, glorious ergonomics, and 4 simply reassignable buttons—which produce 8 actions when we use Easy-Switch. Keep in mind, dual of those buttons, left and right corkscrew circle tilting, need relocating a index finger off a left rodent button, that customarily isn’t probable in high-tempo gaming.

We’ve settled a issues with Roccat Swarm, nonetheless if these don’t impact your gameplay, and we don’t unequivocally go in for fast-paced movement titles, a Kone AIMO would make an glorious purchase. Its MSRP is high, nonetheless not impossibly so, and this rodent comes installed with some truly appealing features.

Roccat Kone AIMO

Our Verdict:
Its pressure and miss of total diversion profiles detract, nonetheless a Kone AIMO’s earthy design, PixArt sensor, and Easy-Shift programmability assistance it shine.


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