Sunday , 25 March 2018
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Revolut’s $5.3 million crowdfunding debate is oversubscribed

Fintech startup Revolut only lifted a ton of money. But grabbing $66 million from reputable VC firms wasn’t adequate (£50 million). For a second time, Revolut asked a user bottom to deposit in a startup.

Revolut was looking for $5.3 million on Seedrs (£4 million), though 40,000 business pronounced that they were meddlesome in a investment opportunity. If Revolut took all a money, it would paint $22.3 million (£17 million). But a association will extent a equity crowdfunding debate to a initial goal.

The $5.3 million aim was reached in reduction than 24 hours, that is utterly considerable as equity crowdfunding ins’t as renouned as other investment products. Revolut even says that there has never been an equity crowdfunding debate with so many pre-registered investors.

Revolut expects to attract 4,000 to 10,000 investors as people can deposit $1,300 during many (£1,000). At first, a initial 5,000 Revolut users who sealed adult to Revolut Premium will get invited to a Seedrs page and will be means to deposit twice as most as unchanging investors.

Then, Revolut will gradually entice pointless users who pre-registered on a Seedrs page. Oh, and tennis actor Andy Murray also pronounced that he wants to invest, so Revolut is going to entice him to a turn true away.

For context, there are now 750,000 Revolut users. Revolut is a digital wallet that lets we receive, sell and send income in dozens of currencies. When we pointer up, we can emanate practical cards and accept a good aged cosmetic MasterCard. You can tip adult your comment regulating another label or a bank transfer.

Over time, Revolut has been adding new features, such as personal IBANs, a credit feature, business accounts and transport insurance. With this appropriation round, Revolut skeleton to supplement support for cryptocurrencies, holds and bonds. The association is also going to enhance to North America and Asia.

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