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Review: Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0

Frontline’s Registry Cleaner 2.0 is designed to understanding with problems with a Windows registry. The module also contains a module to conduct that programs start adult when Windows boots up, as good as a junk files cleaner.

The Windows registry is a categorical database for a storage of settings for a lot of Windows components, including handling complement components such as device drivers, Windows services and applications.

This means a registry is vicious for Windows to run smoothly, and a singular wrong entrance can satisfy a sum disaster of a Windows handling system, or of particular applications and hardware regulating underneath Windows.

There are dual schools of suspicion with courtesy to programs that purify or optimise a Windows registry. The initial is drive good transparent of any module to do with altering a Windows registry if you’re not an consultant Windows user.

The second is if we do use one, make certain we design your handling complement and backup a registry before use, so if something inauspicious happens, we have a reserve net that lets we hurl behind to a final bootable image, or hurl behind to a final good registry entrance database.

Frontline supports all stream Microsoft handling systems – XP, Vista and Windows 7 – in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

We downloaded chronicle 2.0, and commissioned a 6MB package in underneath a minute, on a Labs Dell Optiplex 980 regulating 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate edition, Optiplex GX280 regulating 32-bit XP Professional systems, and a Labs Core 2 Duo complement regulating 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate.

User interface
Unfortunately a initial of several teenager niggles that we encountered while regulating a package concerns a graphics user interface (GUI), that can’t be sized to full shade [see picture].

Frontline Registry Cleaner 2 shade distance problem










This means users will have to corkscrew a sliders to see serve down a categorical window, if some-more than a full window of information is presented.

The categorical facilities are a tangible Windows registry cleaner, a registry defragmentation program, an choice to fill-in a registry, a programs start-up manager, and a junk files dismissal program.

Registry scanning
We achieved an initial indicate regulating Frontline’s cleaner, that came adult with scarcely 7,000 registry problems, including uninstall entries, dull registry keys, common energetic integrate library files, among others [see picture].

Frontline Registry Cleaner 2 initial scan














Users can also opt to possibly only purify adult a registry or mislay junk files, or do both.

We did run benchmarks (PassMark Software’s Performance Test package) on all 3 systems before and after cleaning a registry and stealing junk files, only to check if there was any opening alleviation – or diminution – though we couldn’t see any disproportion in performance.

Intune problem

While regulating a Registry Cleaner on a Core 2 Duo laptop regulating Windows 7 Ultimate, we did collect adult a problem. At a time we were looking during Microsoft’s cloud-based PC government complement Intune. After we ran a Registry Cleaner, all of a commissioned module entries for Intune were blank [see picture].

 Microsoft intune - commissioned programs









We contacted Frontline Utilities about this problem, and perceived this respond from a arch executive Richard Peck.

“Since Intune is a Microsoft program, it’s been combined to work with a accumulation of Windows hooks that many third-party developers don’t have entrance to, and deliberation it’s a apparatus that has been designed for confidence – it has a lot of files, settings and options stored in places we wouldn’t routinely design to find them. Although we am wavering to pull conclusions true away, we would advise that it’s only a dispute with Intune that is causing a error.”

Startup manager and junk record remover
One aspect in that Frontline’s module can really urge Windows opening is by use of a Startup Manager. This allows users to stop programs that run during start up.

However, it was formidable to see a full trail name of a start-up module flagged by Frontline due to a aforementioned Window resize problem.

Frontline found around 7GB of files it labelled junk [see design above], and gave a choice to  undo these. The files were contained in a Windows Temp record directory, a recycle bin, Internet Explorer’s record cache, and in users’ new papers form area. Users can manually name that junk files to delete.

Other features
The other options are a ability to run a totaliser for a series of errors a Registry Cleaner has fixed, and an choice to defragment a registry.

Download updates

We had problems with downloading updates. The updater did not forewarn us that we were adult to date, nonetheless Frontline fast bound this teenager problem.

A neat complement for gripping Windows registries behaving optimally, that also contains a integrate of other useful collection in a form of a Program Startup manager, and a junk record dismissal sub-program.

We had problems with Frontline’s updating complement for a registry cleaning engine, that were bound fast by a company. The other some-more teenager niggle was that a categorical module Window can’t be resized to take adult a full screen.

The large problem was a Registry Cleaner’s communication with Intune, after that we had to re-install a Intune agents onto a system.

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