Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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Restricting Firefox to TLS version 1.2 makes browsing safer

Although its common to think of a secure website as the opposite of an insecure one, the choice is not, in fact, binary. For a website to be truly secure, there are about a dozen or so ducks that all need to be lined up in a row.

Seeing HTTPS does not mean that the security is well done, secure websites exist in many shades of gray. Since web browsers don’t offer a dozen visual indicators, many sites that are not particularly secure appear, to all but the most techie nerds, to be secure nonetheless. Browser vendors have dumbed things down for non-techies.

Last September, I took Apple to task for not having all their ducks in a row, writing that some of their security oversights allowed Apple websites to leak passwords.

The detailed technical information in that article came from the excellent SSL Server Test from SSL Labs, a division of Qualys. The test analyzes secure websites, reports on the full gory technical details and assigns a letter grade. Many do not get an A rating. Lots of ducks are not being lined up correctly around the web. 

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