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RED launches pre-orders of weird $1,600 titanium ‘holographic’ smartphone

Camera companies have had to adjust their business models fast over a past decade to comment for a arise of smartphone cameras. Part of that has concerned some engaging developments on a high end. RED has built impossibly high-powered cameras that have turn a heavenly of many in a film industry; now they’re environment their sights on a smartphone marketplace with what seems to be a deeply peculiar device announcement.

Today, a association launched pre-orders of Hydrogen, an expensive, modular smartphone with what it calls a “holographic” 3D arrangement for VR and AR.

The device will competition what sounds like a glasses-free 3D display, that as we all know from a Nintendo 3DS is not gimmicky in a slightest. The 3DS relied on face-tracking to give viewers a unchanging 3D experience, yet no sum from RED as to how accurately they’re pulling this off.

In fact, there are really few sum about anything that should remonstrate intensity pre-orderers to plunk down many Benjamins on this device, with a association already progressing that it “will NOT be means to fill all orders on time due to arrangement prolongation limitations,” following accomplishment of pre-orders.

Quite a few phone manufacturers have attempted a modular smartphone model; RED seems to wish that as a camera company, users of a device will be a bit some-more intrigued by updating camera attachments for a device, that also can be used as a control center/monitor for a veteran camera system.

The phone will come in dual editions, a $1,595 titanium chronicle and — for a “budget-conscious” — a $1,195 aluminum build. Don’t worry though, we get a lot of additional goodies for those prices, including a USB-C wire and horse (!), an expandable Micro SD label container (!!) and a “special tiny token” (!!!).

The association says a device will boat in Q1 of 2018.

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