Thursday , 20 September 2018
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Reality check: Can you use a Chromebook for work?

“Sure, Chromebooks are fine for schools and other simple stuff, but you can’t actually use ’em for work — can you?”

As someone who’s written about Google’s Chrome OS platform since the start, that’s a question I’ve heard more times than I can count. So I set out to get some current perspective on the answer.

For context, Chromebooks have actually played a significant role in my personal life for years. While I use a Windows desktop system in my office during the workday, I rely on a Chromebook for pretty much anything else that isn’t well suited to a phone — after-hours typing, weekend bill-paying, light work away from my desk, and so on. I’ve taken Chromebooks with me to handle work while I travel, too, but it’s been a while — and boy, oh boy, has a lot changed.

One of those things is the now-widespread availability of Android apps on Chrome OS. The current Chromebook I personally own and most recently traveled with is the original Chromebook Pixel, and it’s (a) not a convertible device and (b) just old enough that it wasn’t among the devices upgraded with Google Play Store support earlier this year.

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