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Razer Basilisk review: A great FPS mouse that competes with Razer’s other great FPS mouse

The Razer DeathAdder is renowned the world over for its ergonomic shape, its high-end sensor, its light weight. For many first-person shooter fans in particular, it’s the mouse, the perfect way for them to communicate sweeping hand movements into game-winning feats of excellence. So when Razer announces it’s created “the world’s most advanced FPS gaming mouse”—wait, it’s not a new DeathAdder? Well then.

Meet the Basilisk, Razer’s new FPS-oriented mouse and (apparently) a DeathAdder competitor. Talk about being thrown to the wolves.

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Fresh eyes

The Basilisk is a brand-new design for Razer, and substantially so. With an enormous thumb-rest sticking off the side, there’s not a single other mouse like it in Razer’s repertoire.

Not that Razer’s deviated that far from the basics. It’s still jet-black, with a “Chroma” RGB-lit logo on the back and rubberized grips on both sides.

Razer Basilisk IDG / Hayden Dingman

I’m not a huge fan of the rubber on the thumb-rest, as far as aesthetics go—the horizontal lines are a bit odd looking, and much more visible given the shape of this mouse versus, say, the Mamba. It also picks up tons of dust on the thumb rest. Looks aside, the thumb rest is extremely comfortable. Not only do I generally enjoy thumb rests, but the Basilisk’s rubber gives your knuckle a bit of padding.

The thumb region also plays host to the Basilisk’s tentpole feature: A “clutch.” Plenty of mice featured a Sniper button in the past—Corsair’s M65, Logitech’s G502, and so on. The key word: Sniper button. Razer has instead opted for a sort-of metal lever protruding from the side of the mouse. It’s functionally the same. You press the lever and it lowers the DPI (or whatever you’ve programmed it to do). The unique shape has twofold advantages though.

First, it’s easier to reach. The Basilisk ships with both a long and short lever, either of which can attach to the side magnetically. This allows you to adjust the position of the lever closer to or further away from your thumb, whereas a button is embedded.

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