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Razer Basilisk review: A good FPS rodent that competes with Razer’s other good FPS mouse

The Razer DeathAdder is eminent a universe over for a ergonomic shape, a high-end sensor, a light weight. For many first-person shooter fans in particular, it’s the mouse, a ideal approach for them to promulgate unconditional palm movements into game-winning feats of excellence. So when Razer announces it’s combined “the world’s many modernized FPS gaming mouse”—wait, it’s not a new DeathAdder? Well then.

Meet a Basilisk, Razer’s new FPS-oriented rodent and (apparently) a DeathAdder competitor. Talk about being thrown to a wolves.

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Fresh eyes

The Basilisk is a mint pattern for Razer, and roughly so. With an outrageous thumb-rest adhering off a side, there’s not a singular other rodent like it in Razer’s repertoire.

Not that Razer’s deviated that far from a basics. It’s still jet-black, with a “Chroma” RGB-lit trademark on a behind and rubberized grips on both sides.

Razer Basilisk IDG / Hayden Dingman

I’m not a outrageous fan of a rubber on a thumb-rest, as distant as aesthetics go—the plane lines are a bit peculiar looking, and many some-more manifest given a figure of this rodent versus, say, a Mamba. It also picks adult tons of dirt on a ride rest. Looks aside, a ride rest is intensely comfortable. Not usually do we generally suffer ride rests, yet a Basilisk’s rubber gives your knuckle a bit of padding.

The ride segment also plays horde to a Basilisk’s tentpole feature: A “clutch.” Plenty of mice featured a Sniper symbol in a past—Corsair’s M65, Logitech’s G502, and so on. The pivotal word: Sniper button. Razer has instead opted for a sort-of steel push extending from a side of a mouse. It’s functionally a same. You press a push and it lowers a DPI (or whatever you’ve automatic it to do). The singular figure has duplicate advantages though.

First, it’s easier to reach. The Basilisk ships with both a prolonged and brief lever, possibly of that can insert to a side magnetically. This allows we to adjust a position of a push closer to or serve divided from your thumb, since a symbol is embedded.

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