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Qualys developers can build cloud prominence apps with CloudView

Cloud workloads will paint some-more than 90 per cent of information centre trade by 2020, says Cisco. To prepare, it is critical for InfoSec teams to adjust to a cloud workflow and conclude a confidence shortcoming that they share with cloud providers. A new app framework, grown by Qualys, aims to do this by fluctuating prominence of confidence and correspondence from cloud hosts to a whole cloud infrastructure.

The new Cloud Platform app framework, CloudView, has been demonstrated during Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas. It provides continual prominence of cloud infrastructure from vital providers like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud in a ‘single mirror of glass.’

The horizon can be used to invariably guard and secure open cloud infrastructure, augmenting Qualys’ stream perspective with a real-time register of cloud services. The initial apps built regulating it are Cloud Inventory and Cloud Security Assessment.

Cloud Inventory integrates with a APIs from open cloud providers to invariably learn resources and automate confidence monitoring opposite attention standards and architectural best practices. Users can also benefit prominence opposite all clouds. Cloud Security Assessment provides continual confidence monitoring, hazard prioritisation and programmed confidence by a DevOps pipeline.

“Accelerated cloud adoption requires new adaptive confidence solutions that support fast-moving digital mutation efforts,” pronounced Philippe Courtot, authority and CEO of Qualys. “Our new CloudView and a apps supplement forlorn prominence and continual confidence of all cloud workloads to yield business finish cloud confidence in a single, integrated height and drastically shortening their spend.”

Qualys will launch a beta of CloudView for AWS in Q4 this year.

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