Friday , 21 September 2018
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Q&A: Could blockchain professionalize Gmail?

Despite the constant announcements that email is dead – or, at least, about to die – it is still the most common form of workplace communication. Now, Swiss company Gmelius, which launched in 2016, believes it has come up with a way to counteract some of email’s shortcomings and make it better.

Gmelius offers a service that overlays the various Gmail offerings. There are three pricing tiers available – from free to a full business offering – and the most professional option uses blockchain to authenticate communications. This spring, the company  also plans to introduce a new way to sign email attachments using smart contracting.

We spoke to CEO and founder, Florian Bersier, to learn more in this lightly edited QA.

Overall this seems like a service that professionalizes Gmail and makes it more like Outlook, would you agree?

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