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Push Doctor, an app that lets we video call a doctor, raises $26.1M Series B

Push Doctor, a U.K.-based startup that lets we book a video conference with a alloy and conduct other aspects of your health digitally, has lifted $26.1 million in Series B funding.

Leading a turn are Accelerated Digital Ventures, and Draper Esprit, with appearance from European VCs Oxford Capital, Partech Ventures, and Seventure Partners. It brings sum appropriation for Push Doctor to date to over $37.5 million.

Launched as one of a series of telemedicine services that capacitate we to book and accept a conference with a competent doctor/GP, in this instance around a video call, Push Doctor is now pitching itself as a broader digital health use and app.

In serve to charity entrance to a network of thousands of GPs, all of whom also work in a U.K.’s National Health Service, Push Doctor can also emanate prescriptions, make doctor-led referrals to other health providers and specialists, and do things like assistance we conduct repeat prescriptions.

However, a company’s co-founder and CEO Eren Ozagir has long talked adult a information ambitions of Push Doctor and, by carrying a good overview of health needs and trends around a consultations a app is delivering, a ability to offer serve digital health applications. These embody both responsive, such as handling a prolonged tenure condition or brief tenure illness, and proactive, such as aptness and nutrition.

“No one before Push Doctor has supposing consumers with entrance to a singular digital health height that combines manageable medicine and ongoing condition government as good as aptness and nutritive conditioning,” Ozagir says.

Of course, Push Doctor isn’t a usually startup perplexing to take a some-more wholistic proceed to medical smoothness around an app. Babylon, that in some ways could be deliberate one of a some-more approach competitors to Push Doctor, already optionally ties into your aptness and nourishment data. Another use with some overlie is Ada Healthcare, that offers text-based consultations and an AI-powered health information chatbot.

Then there is Your.MD, that I’ve described as a medical information use and next-generation medical hunt engine. It is holding a marketplace approach and, after assisting we figure out what competence be wrong with you, offers to bond we to a suitable digital health use or app, including Push Doctor itself if it deems we need a conference with a doctor.

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