Thursday , 24 May 2018
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Polk announces a Google Assistant orator during a tail-end of Google IO

One of a pivotal highlights from this year’s Google IO developer discussion was a proclamation that a initial Google Smart Displays would be rising in Jul of this year. Smart Displays, with their built-in screens and Google Assistants, are Google’s answer to a Amazon Echo Show and an expansion of a voice-only Google Assistant speakers like a Google Home and Google Home Mini.

Surprisingly absent from Google IO was Polk, who has currently only announced a Google intelligent orator of a possess – albeit one but a built-in display

The orator is called a Polk Assist and it shares a distinguished similarity to a canister-shaped JBL Link 20 in that it has a filigree covering along a sides and front of a orator and a set of control buttons and orator array on a tip lid. 

Beyond simply building Google Assistant into a speaker, a Polk Assist will also support Chromecast Built-in, permitting we to organisation a orator adult for multi-room playback and Cast audio streams to a Assist from your mobile device or PC.

Polk says a orator will be accessible starting in Jun of this year in a U.S. and will be labelled during $199 (around £150, AU$265). 

Is Polk’s Google Home choice entrance too late? 

While another further to a ever-expanding family of Google Assistant intelligent speakers is always welcomed, one has to consternation if Polk’s latest try into voice assistants is entrance a bit too late – JBL had speakers with Google Assistant late final year, as did Sony with a Sony LF-S50G. 

The fact that other third-party manufacturers are gearing adult to recover intelligent displays competence meant that Polk’s voice-only further could tumble on deaf ears by a time it indeed hits store shelves in June. 

That being said, it’s astray to bonus a orator – generally one as feature-rich as a Polk Assist – before we’ve had a possibility to hear it and we’ll therefore save the thoughts until we’ve had a possibility to do so. 

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