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Peterborough City Council goes for Google Apps over Microsoft in cloud push

Peterborough City Council’s partner executive of Digital Peterborough, Richard Godfrey, has told Computing that a legislature shifted from Microsoft to Google Apps and Chromebooks since it needs to turn some-more mobile and flexible. 

The change outlines a subsequent step in a council’s digital transformation. 

Speaking to Computing ahead of a V3 Cloud and Infrastructure Live summit, Godfrey pronounced that a pierce was stirred by a imminent death of a organisation’s enterprise-wide looseness agreement with Microsoft.

“It was a ideal time to examination what we were doing as an bureau apartment of products, and with a proceed a legislature is relocating to wanting staff to be some-more efficient,” he said. “We wish them be means to work remotely, work from several locations.”

Rather than opt for Microsoft’s cloud-powered Office 365 suite, Godfrey pronounced that Google Apps was selected overdue to a harmony with Google’s Chromebooks that are being rolled out opposite a council.

“Using applications that are internal to a Chromebook by Google Apps only creates [more] clarity than regulating any other provider,” he said.

Effectively, a legislature has churned cloud-powered hardware and program to give workers lightweight machines that have easy entrance to all a applications that capacitate remote operative and easy plan collaboration, and are some-more cost effective that normal laptops.

Godfrey also highlighted that Google’s Chromebooks and Apps apartment revoke a need for a IT dialect to set adult laptops with worker profiles, passwords, encryption and antivirus as all a data, services and confidence can be delivered directly from a cloud.

Setting adult normal laptops for a workforce takes months, pronounced Godfrey, though with a Chromebooks workers can simply collect them from a IT dialect and log-in to Google Apps.

This proceed frees adult a IT dialect from a normal executive weight of environment adult new inclination with locally hosted software. 

Transforming normal IT

Moving from an on-premise program apartment to Google’s cloud-hosted apps is a healthy expansion of Peterborough Council’s plan to adopt digital and cutting-edge record to expostulate potency and coherence opposite a services and workforce.

“It was a subsequent judicious step in a altogether programme. We’ve been looking during software-as-a-service [SaaS] and open cloud utterly heavily, with Salesforce and Box and several other work we’ve had going on,” pronounced Godfrey.

This has seen a legislature pierce much of a IT infrastructure onto a Amazon Web Services cloud platform, roll out a gigabit-speed twine broadband network and adopt Box’s cloud-based storage and partnership services.

Cloud services are mostly touted as a proceed to revoke dear infrastructure, though in some cases regulating a horde of cloud services during scale can be equally expensive. But Godfrey forked out that a council’s adoption of cloud platforms and SaaS is reduction about cost savings.

Rather, he said, it is about anticipating ways to use record to advantage a services of several legislature departments.

“For us, relocating to that whole ‘as-a-service’ indication means that a IT staff can stop doing what we call a glow fighting tasks – patching servers, building laptops, progressing things – and be some-more energetic and useful in departments and take them on that subsequent step of what those collection can do for them,” pronounced Godfrey.

“I consider infrequently IT is guilty of overcomplicating things, since we wish IT to be as sharp and fit as probable where they are roughly commissioning services in.”

Peterborough Council has been a dwindle dispatcher for digital mutation in internal councils, rather than permitting Whitehall to take all a glory.

But some councils seem to be reticent to follow suit. Godfrey pronounced that many are too discerning to boot it overdue to confidence concerns, something he believes to be overstated.

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