Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Patch Tuesday problems, fixes — though no means for evident alarm

Results are starting to hurl in about this month’s Patch Tuesday, and it’s utterly a churned bag. For those of we struggling with a new Windows 10 Apr 2018 Update, chronicle 1803, there’s good news and bad news. The palm wringing about a new VBScript zero-day, interjection to a good aged crony baked-in Internet Explorer, looks artificial for now. And if we can’t get RDP operative given of “An authentication blunder has occurred” messages, we missed a memo.

Windows 10 chronicle 1803

First, a good news. As we anticipated progressing this week, this month’s accumulative refurbish for 1803 is a must-have, warts and all. The new build 17134.48 replaces a aged 17134.1 (which went to those who commissioned 1803 directly or fell into a seeker trap) and a aged 17134.5 (for those upgrading with a Windows Insider builds). As Susan Bradley explains, 17134.48 claims to repair both a Chrome and Cortana freeze, as good as a vital VPN bug.

My recommendation continues to be that we should hurl behind to 1709, nonetheless if we insist on regulating 1803 during a delinquent beta-testing phase, get this month’s accumulative refurbish commissioned as shortly as we can. If we can.

An anonymous print on AskWoody notes:

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