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Panasonic’s new AV rigging hopes to lure Aussies with AI voice control

Panasonic’s got a outrageous year designed for 2018, currently announcing a smorgasbord of AV products for a Australian marketplace that includes an updated 4K OLED TV lineup, mixed 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players and, for a initial time, a operation of intelligent hi-fi speakers with Google Assistant built in. 

Along with a intelligent speakers, Panasonic also announced that Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control functionality will be nearing after in a year on a 4K Blu-ray players and radio operation around concordant intelligent speakers. 

Panasonic’s initial Google-powered intelligent speakers

Launching a initial intelligent audio products with Google Assistant functionality built in, Panasonic’s new SC-GA10 speakers guarantee room-filling sound and voice control opposite many vital song streaming platforms. 

Working with a whole Google ecosystem, a new intelligent hi-fi speakers will also wirelessly couple adult to Panasonic’s other Chromecast-enabled hi-fi products, including a new SC-HC2020 micro system, permitting we to control all of them with your voice alone. 

The SC-GA10’s strong sound is achieved by a inclusion of twin 20mm soothing architecture tweeters, as good as an 8cm woofer with twin voice coils for purify placement of vocals. It’s also got a 180-degree audio range.

The new intelligent orator will also work in tandem with Panasonic’s new Music Control app, that allows users to play song files stored on smartphones, tablets and even a NAS drive. 

The SC-GA10 is accessible in black and white colour options, and will be accessible in Australia starting May 2018 during a cost of $379. The SC-HC2020 micro-system will also recover in May, and is labelled during $499. 

4K OLED and LED TV range

Following adult final year’s superb EZ950 and EZ1000 OLED televisions, Panasonic has announced a new FZ1000 and FZ950 OLED array that will urge on a predecessors in a array of ways, including harmony with a new HDR10+ standard, that Panasonic has strictly thrown a support behind

Each OLED row facilities an “absolute black filter” that helps catch ambient light in an bid to discharge reflections from a screen, as good as veteran colour tuning from Hollywood experts, including a teams during Deluxe post-production studios and Technicolor. The 4K TVs also exaggerate THX and Ultra HD Premium certification, as good as Panasonic’s HCX video processor.

The top-end FZ1000, that sports a “Dynamic Blade Speaker”, is accessible in a 65-inch indication during $7,419, while a 55-inch chronicle has been labelled during $4,999. The FZ950 lacks a imagination orator though includes a same display, and is labelled during $5,999 for a 65-inch indication and $3,849 for a 55-inch version. The new OLED operation will start attack Aussie stores in Jul 2018.

If Panasonic’s OLED TVs are a small out of your price-range, we can also opt for a company’s updated FX800, FX780, FX700 and FX600 array of 4K Pro HDR LED LCD televisions, that underline a same HCX processors as a OLED operation and start during $1,549 for a 43-inch FX600A, all a approach adult to $5,999 for a 75-inch FX780A.

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray actor range

Panasonic says it’s deeply committed to earthy media, and it’s subsidy that adult with a proclamation of 3 new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players to be expelled opposite Jun and Jul of 2018, and there’s a fourth “reference-class” actor for enthusiasts entrance too, that will be expelled in time for Christmas this year. 

The baby in a operation is a new entry-level DP-UB320, that can also tide 4K Netflix and Amazon Prime Video around an Ethernet connection, and is labelled during $329.

Following that indication adult is a DP-UB420, that boasts Wi-Fi connectivity and HDR10+ support, and is labelled during $449.

Next adult is a DP-UB820, that has all a functionality of a DP-UB420 though also includes analogue 7.1-channel audio support, Dolby Vision support and a stylish 3D Glass Cut Design, and is labelled during $659.

The top-end DP-UB9000 will embody all of a above (aside from a Glass Cut Design) and will exaggerate modernized audio features. Pricing and accurate recover date sum have nonetheless to be revealed.

All of Panasonic’s players from a DP-UB420 onwards will accept a firmware refurbish after in a year, providing them with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control functionality. 

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