Friday , 23 March 2018
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Panasonic EX750 and EX600 TV array brings cinema knowledge to your home

At an eventuality in New Delhi, Panasonic India has denounced a new 2017 choice of 4K Ultra HD TVs along with a UA7 sound system. The TV choice comprises of EX750 and EX600 series, that consists of 4K TVs with shade sizes trimming from 43-icnh to 65-inch. With this launch, a Japanese firm aims to constraint 10% marketplace share in a 4K TV shred by a finish of FY17-18. 

Speaking about a particulars, a costly and a many superb of all is EX750 flagship indication with 65-inch 4K Ultra HD screen. It will be offered for Rs. 3,10,000. Its new cinema arrangement with 4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro, Panasonic’s Original Revolutionary Colour Processing Technology, provides a clear tone facsimile with a far-reaching tone range, ensuing in an ultimate 4K observation knowledge as good as a museum experience. 

The EX750 is versed with 550nits Super Bright Panel, HDR1000 and is powered by a same Studio Colour HCX2 processor. It consists of 4 HDMI Terminals, 3 USB ports. It comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. The ‘Switch Design,’ with Swivel functionality, on a Panasonic 65” EX750 offers a ideal observation angle and gives copiousness of options of where we can place your television. Overall, examination on this 65-inch beast will be a yield to eyes. 

On a other hand, EX600 array consists of 3 models: 55-inch, 49-inch, and 43-inch shade sizes labelled during Rs. 1,78,900, Rs. 1,41,000, Rs. 78,900 respectively. All of them are designed to yield Smartest user experience, permitting users to entrance all their party calm in one place. They residence 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB terminals. The interior support is elegantly crafted with a Switch Design pedestal that allows a mount breadth to be practiced according to preference.

On squeeze of EX750 65-inch, EX600 55-inch, and Ex600 49-inch models, we will get a new UA7 all-in-one sound complement for free. 

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