Wednesday , 26 September 2018

Zotac Zbox Magnus EN970

Share This Review: Introduction The Basics Mini-PCs may be one of the few categories of desktop computer showing growth here in 2015, but the one locale where minis have yet to tread very far? Into the lair of the gaming PC. Why, you’d ask? We’re sure that the makers of minis—and the suppliers of the hypothetical chips that would power ... Read More »

Cobra XRS 9950 Digital Radar/Laser Detector

Share This Review: Trip-routing GPS devices have dominated in-car consumer tech coverage for the past few years, but that doesn’t mean the radar detector hasn’t made advances in the interim. Cobra’s XRS 9950 offers up a thorough 12 bands of scanning, a full 360 degrees of detection, and a color OLED screen that’s easily readable in bright sunlight. Unfortunately, even ... Read More »

LaCie Mirror (1TB)

Share This Review: Introduction, Design Features Backing up your data is a bit like brushing your teeth—everyone knows they should do it, but it’s a monotonous ritual that only becomes more mundane and tedious when it’s time to shop for the new hardware to make it happen. Who wants to go buy a toothbrush? Hard drives are like that. If ... Read More »

Acer Aspire E15 Series (E5-573G-7034)

Share This Review: Introduction, Design Features Acer sent us a refreshed Acer Aspire E15 Series laptop as an early sample of a mainstream Intel-based Acer laptop running Windows 10. It has a lot in common with earlier Aspire models we have seen, but this one has an interesting value bent: dedicated graphics and potent core (or should we say, “Core”?) ... Read More »

Nvidia Shield (Android TV)

Share This Review: Introduction Inexpensive Android sticks that bring Google’s OS to your TV have been around for a few years now, but they’ve suffered from two fatal flaws. The first: The low-end chips inside these cheap gadgets have meant their performance was often frustratingly sluggish. The second? Stock Android is pretty much terrible as an interface for watching TV. ... Read More »

Dell E525w Color Multifunction Printer

Share This Review: Introduction, Design Features With apologies to the philosopher Heraclitus (assuming he even said the original in the first place), the one thing that’s constant in tech is change? Somebody tell Dell. In all the years we’ve been looking at laser-class printers, Dell’s machines have been the ones that have changed the least, and the most slowly, on ... Read More »

McAfee Total Protection 2012

Share This Review: Introduction The phrase “mega-suite” is easily (and often) abused, but not in the case of McAfee Total Protection 2012. Over the years, McAfee’s big security offering has developed a deserved reputation for the breadth and depth of its features—content like its parental controls, its excellent firewall, and its file shredder—that move a product out of the category ... Read More »

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