Wednesday , 18 July 2018

Over 650 terabytes of data up for grabs due to publicly exposed MongoDB databases

There are at least 35,000 publicly accessible and insecure MongoDB databases on the Internet, and their number appears to be growing. Combined they expose 684.8 terabytes of data to potential theft. This is the result of a scan performed over the past few days by John Matherly, the creator of the Shodan search engine for Internet-connected devices. Matherly originally sounded ... Read More »

Now you can not only send emoji, you can sponsor them

There are emoji everywhere these days — but creating them doesn’t come cheap, and now, says the Unicode Consortium, it’s time to pay up. Of course, the consortium puts it a little more nicely than that: It’s inviting people to sponsor a symbol for a year to help fund its work encoding languages that don’t yet have digital representations. The ... Read More »

Should you buy an Amazon tablet? Expert buying advice

Are Amazon Fire tablets any good? It’s a question we are asked often, and more so since Tesco discontinued its great-value Hudl 2. As there’s no Hudl 3 coming, should you buy an Amazon tablet instead? Here’s everything you need to know. Amazon Fire tablet buying guide: They’re not Android tablets The confusing thing about Fire tablets is that they ... Read More »

What does TalkTalk’s lack of Cyber Essentials accreditation mean?

Let’s get this straight: having a Cyber Essentials accreditation would not mean any business – especially a large one such as TalkTalk – would remain invulnerable to cyber-attacks. But it should ensure most of the basics are covered. Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that comes in two parts. The first is a self-assessment checklist, while the second, dubbed Cyber ... Read More »

What will the new EU data protection rules mean for US businesses?

The final text of the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) was agreed on Tuesday. It still has to be approved by the European Parliament and member states but it is likely to become law within two years. The GDPR is bound to have a profound effect on many businesses, particularly those in the US, which has always had ... Read More »

ICO offering £140k salary for new Information Commissioner to replace Christopher Graham

The Cabinet Office is on the hunt for a new Information Commissioner to replace Christopher Graham, and is offering up to £140k for the successful candidate. The full-time role will be for a term of five years, and will require the post-holder to lead the organisation through a significant period of change during their tenure, with the incoming implementation of ... Read More »

Eight reasons why trust is broken online

The recent row between Symantec and Google over rogue SSL certificates is just one of many incidents that have called into question the role of commercial certificate authorities as a single point of trust on the internet. Indeed, the incident highlighted one of a number of shortcomings undermining the role that certificate authorities are supposed to play in providing internet ... Read More »

Hewlett-Packard paid no Australian tax despite making AU$3.1b in 2014

While Hewlett-Packard South Pacific earned just over AU$3.1 billion during the 2013-14 income year, it did not pay any tax, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has revealed in its corporate tax transparency report detailing the revenue, taxable incomes, and tax payable of 1,539 Australian and foreign public entities, as well as foreign private entities. Globally, during HP’s second quarter earnings ... Read More »

Who is Phantom Squad? What do I do if PSN & Xbox Live go down this Christmas?

With the Lizard Squad DDoS attacks of last Christmas still lingering in the minds of many online gamers, a new hacking group is warning of a similar situation this Christmas period. The group has already claimed responsibility for a number of outages across Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Grand Theft Auto Online and even Steam – but who exactly is this ... Read More »

Slack sets aside $80 million to help developers extend its platform

If there’s any company that’s been virtually synonymous with growth over the past year or so, it’s Slack, and now the team-software vendor is taking a big step to make sure that momentum continues. The company has established an $80 million fund to provide early-stage investments to companies building for the Slack platform, with a particular focus on apps that ... Read More »

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