Monday , 24 September 2018

Windows 10 needed universal apps, and Dropbox made one, complete with Windows Hello

Microsoft’s partnership with Dropbox has been slow to evolve, but the two companies announced a universal Windows 10 app on Thursday with a unique twist: It allows customers to log in to a Dropbox account using Windows Hello. The app is fully baked for Windows 10, boasting notifications, quick search, commenting and drag-and-drop support as well as the Hello biometric ... Read More »

World’s oldest torrent has lasted over 12 years

WHAT IS thought to be the longest surviving torrent is still going strong after 12 years. The fan recreation of the Wachowski brothers’ overrated sci-fi thriller The Matrix rendered entirely in ASCII characters is still being seeded after 4,419 days. Torrents have taken a lot of unfair criticism as an interchangeable word for online piracy, but in reality there are ... Read More »


When the 209 pages that make up the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) finally emerged last month, the only real surprises contained within them were the strength of the sanctions available to the authorities and the fact that key issues such as the “right to be forgotten” had not been watered down in the face of fierce lobbying by ... Read More »

“Fast Fashion” Jewelry Biz BaubleBar Grabs Another $20 Million

E-commerce shop BaubleBar, known for its “fast fashion” take on women’s jewelry, has closed on $20 million in new funding, the company announced today. The Series C round was led by prior investors, Accel Partners, Greycroft Partners, Burch Creative Capital and Aspect Ventures, but also includes new investors who will bring expertise in international expansions and large-scale operations, the company says. ... Read More »

Indian Startup CREO Raises $3M To Build Its Own Android-based OS And Smartphones

CREO is a new startup in India with big ambitions. It not only wants to create a new Android-based operating system, but also produce its own smartphones. The Bengaluru-based company announced today that it has raised $3 million from Sequoia India, Beenext Ventures, and India Quotient. Sequoia India and India Quotient also backed Mango Man, the CREO founding team’s previous ... Read More »

Watch Microsoft Venture’s London Accelerator Right Here

TechCrunch is pleased to host the live video stream of the Microsoft Ventures London Accelerator demo day. Watch the presentations right here starting at 3:30p GMT on January 27th. The event is private so this livestream is the only way for the general public to watch the event. Ten companies will take the stage and present their company to a ... Read More »

Asus ZenBook UX305CA

Share This Review: Introduction Design As we took the 2.7-pound, $699.99-MSRP ZenBook UX305CA from its box, we experienced two sensations: one, that it was exceptionally thin, light, and balanced; and, two, that we had seen this 13.3-inch-screened laptop before. Our first observation we’ll discuss over the course of this review. The second, that we had seen this laptop before, is ... Read More »

Microsoft to make email, calendar reminders smarter with Cortana

Microsoft is making Cortana’s reminders feature smarter by making them more proactive. Cortana will be able to review and suggest new reminders based on emails that users send. Microsoft is using machine-learning techniques to identify languages in emails that suggest a time commitment. (Example: “I’ll finish this by end of day.”) Cortana will proactively ask users if they want to ... Read More »

Review: 5 prepaid mobile hotspots fire up business travel

On a recent trip to Philadelphia, I paid my hotel $14 a night for spotty Wi-Fi access that topped out at a mere 2Mbps and often stopped dead in its tracks. I was constantly waiting for emails and small files to download to my laptop, and video streaming was, to put it charitably, less than smooth. Unfortunately, this seems to ... Read More »

Facebook plans to open its next data centre in Ireland

PERSONAL DATA SINKHOLE Facebook is opening a second European data centre and has chosen Ireland as its honoured destination. The firm has already tested Swedish waters, and found them to be good. Ireland’s Clonee is the next location to win some of that Facebook coin, and at least Facebook is pleased about the news. The firm already has its local ... Read More »

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