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Oracle veteran resigns in protest at co-CEO Safra Catz joining Donald Trump’s transition team

A senior Oracle executive who has been with the company for more than 20 years has resigned in protest at the decision of Safra Catz, Oracle’s co-CEO, to join the transition team of president-elect Donald Trump. 

Writing on LinkedIn, George Polisner said that Trump’s policies went against everything he stood for. “Based upon Trump’s own words and validated in his Cabinet selections he will seek to dismantle Social Security and Medicare – important retirement security for our aging and disabled population. Trump stokes fear, hatred and violence toward people of color, Muslims and immigrants,” he said.

He continued: “It is well-known that hate crimes are surging as he has provided license for this ignorance-based expression of malice. He disrespects Gold Star military families, women and the disabled.”

As such Polisner said that despite working with Oracle since 1993 and being proud of the work he has done at the company, he could not continue working there given it the current situation.

“I am not with President-elect Trump and I am not here to help him in any way. In fact – when his policies border on the unconstitutional, the criminal and the morally unjust – I am here to oppose him in every possible and legal way,” he said.

“Therefore I must resign from this once great company.”

The stance received mostly positive responses on LinkedIn, although there were many dissenters too who said he should get behind the incoming president.

Polisner’s stance is perhaps not surprising as he serves as the chairperson of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump in Oregon. 

Nevertheless, the situation underlines the underlying tension between the technology market and the incoming president, and how the leaders of these companies interact with Trump, with some IBM staff protesting at their CEO’s intention to help with the administration too. 

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