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Oracle adds information government services to EPM cloud

Oracle is beefing adult a Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) cloud with a launch of a new cloud height that provides government services for craving information assets.


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Oracle pronounced a new Enterprise Data Management Cloud brings improvements to information firmness and fixing to assistance enterprises determine financial information sets after cloud adoption, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, and restructuring.

Changes to focus metadata, dimensions, hierarchies, mappings and associated attributes are mostly rubbed manually by spreadsheets, email, and in-person meetings, Oracle pronounced in a press release.

With a new further to a Oracle EPM Cloud, a representation is that financial teams can equivocate primer errors and inconstancies, and urge outcomes, with centralized, self-service information upkeep and information sharing.

“As organizations grow and evolve, business and financial leaders face an increasingly formidable operation of hurdles in handling and ruling their craving information resources that can't be successfully addressed by normal approaches,” pronounced Hari Sankar, organisation clamp boss of EPM product government during Oracle.

“With OracleEnterprise Data Management Cloud, we are providing a complicated height that streamlines business mutation efforts and enables organizations to say information integrity, correctness and coherence opposite all their applications.”


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