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OpenWorld 2017: What we schooled about Oracle’s AI, cloud strategies


Oracle CTO Larry Ellison delivers a keynote debate during OpenWorld 2017. (Image: CHARLOTTE FIORITO)

In 2016, Oracle used a annual OpenWorld discussion to denote a commitment to a cloud — and a expostulate to take on infrastructure personality Amazon Web Services.

At this year’s conference, a tech hulk continued to ramp adult a cloud offerings, deliver new developer-friendly technologies to a Oracle Cloud and interpose it all with a healthy sip of synthetic intelligence.

Here’s what we saw from Oracle this week:

More on what we schooled about Oracle’s strategy:


Just about any cloud businessman is embracing AI and appurtenance learning, though Oracle this week attempted to set itself apart. The prominence of this bid came in a form of Oracle’s new 18c unconstrained database and a highly programmed cybersecurity system.

In his keynote residence Sunday night, Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison stressed a insubordinate inlet of appurtenance training and pitched Oracle’s unconstrained database as singular to a industry:

“This is a large understanding by a way. No one else does this,” Ellison said. “This is a many critical thing we’ve finished in a long, prolonged time.”


The database can run itself and balance itself, saving enterprises time, income and a headaches that come with tellurian error. All of that is amplified with a highly-automated confidence system, that works with 18c to detect anomalies and assistance a database patch itself.

“The proceed to forestall information burglary is some-more automation,” Ellison pronounced in his second keynote residence on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd used his Monday keynote residence to echo Oracle’s proceed to AI: It shouldn’t be a standalone application, he said.

“In a end, what you’re unequivocally going to see is AI built directly into any of these user cases… as against to exporting information to some AI solution,” he said. “Application wise, these are going to turn facilities engineered directly into applications.”


Hurd on Monday also reviewed Oracle’s ongoing cloud strategy. The company’s concentration has been to “get a apps right first,” he said. The subsequent priority is to “get a height rewritten and built for a cloud,” he said, “then unequivocally reconstruct a infrastructure strategy… [to] capacitate business to be means to change to a cloud or start in a cloud.”

Hurd added, “This transformation to a cloud… this is an unavoidable destination.”

Oracle highlighted a continued investment in NetSuite, that it acquired for $9.3 billion final year, assisting a cloud association enhance a geographical footprint and accelerate a product offerings during a ramped adult pace.

The association also updated a cloud applications, many particularly with “adaptive intelligence” cpaabilities.

Oracle also done overtures to cloud developers, expanding a mobile cloud portfolio with new chatbot capabilities and rolling out a Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform.

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