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OnePlus 6 recover date, specs and price: First-look video confirms headphone jack, teases white model

THE ONEPLUS 6 will be the Chinese phone maker’s subsequent flagship smartphone, and while it’s not set to launch until June, there’s already copiousness of rumours surrounding a handset.

We’ve dull adult all we know about a supposed OnePlus 6 so-far below. 

– 6in 2880×1440 QHD+ 18:9 arrangement with cutout
– Glass pattern with wireless charging support
– Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC
– 8GB RAM, 256GB built-in storage 
– Android 8.1 Oreo OS
– Dual-lens 20MP/16MP rear-facing camera with ‘Super Slo Mo’
– Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, Face Unlock
– Dash Charge support
– Waterproofing
– Alert Slider
– Blue, White and Black colour options

Release date
The OnePlus 6 will make a central entrance on 16 May during a launch eventuality in London, a association has confirmed.  According to rumours, a phone will be accessible to buy reduction than a week after on 21 May. 

According to a trickle on Chinese amicable network Weibo, the OnePlus 6 will fetch $749 (around £530) when it goes on sale after this year.

A separate trickle from GizmoChina claims that OnePlus 6 pricing will start during around £374 for a 64GB model, while 128GB and 256GB models will approaching fetch around £430 and £499, while True-Tech reports that a 64GB and 128GB models will fetch around £400 and £440, respectively. 

Latest news
Alleged pricing sum for a OnePlus 6 have flush online, pleasantness of True-Tech. It has listened from a “reliable source” that a 64GB various will be labelled during Rs 36,999 in India (around £400), while a 128GB various will fetch Rs 39,999 (around £440). There’s no word as to how many a rumoured 256GB OnePlus 6 handset will cost. 

30/4/18: The OnePlus 6 has been teased on video, interjection to a garland of fans who got their hands on a device forward of a release. The shave (below), posted to a central OnePlus YouTube channel, doesn’t give too many divided as a handset has been confused out and a discuss of certain facilities censored. However, a footage does advise that a OnePlus 6 will be accessible in white, while another shot of a device confirms that it will keep – as approaching – a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

27/4/18: A live picture of a OnePlus 6 (below) has flush online, pleasantness of iGyuaan, forward of a approaching 16 Mar unveiling, arrangement off the handset’s roughly bezel-less FullView arrangement finish with an iPhone-style notch. Given that OnePlus has reliable flattering many all there is to know about a incoming flagship, a picture doesn’t give many else away, yet we can also pattern a potion pattern with wireless charging support, Snapdragon 845 internals and a Galaxy S9-rivalling twin camera setup.

26/4/18: The OnePlus 6 will support Galaxy S9-esque super slo-mo video recording, a teaser picture posted – and promptly deleted – by OnePlus India has confirmed. The picture (below), speckled by Mobigyaan, doesn’t exhibit accurate specs, yet reads: “Slow down time and knowledge a Super Slo Mo underline of a OnePlus 6.” Given that ‘Super Slo-Mo’ is also a name of Samsung’s slow-motion functionality, it’s approaching that a OnePlus 6 will be means of sharpened footage during 960fps. 

25/4/18: OnePlus has confirmed that a much-teased flagship, a OnePlus 6, will launch during an eventuality in London on 16 May during 5pm BST. For a initial time, a organisation will be offered around 1,000 tickets to fans who wish to attend, with prices starting during £16 if we buy before 27 April. 

24/4/18: While a teaser progressing this week suggested OnePlus was formulation to supply a OnePlus 6 with a ceramic chassis, a company’s CEO Pete Lau has given reliable that a flagship will underline a potion back, matching to that seen on a OnePlus X. In a post on a OnePlus forum, Lau says that a handset’s potion pattern will offer up a “sense of value” and “premium hand-feel”, and reveals that a potion black contains 5 printed layers of Nanotech Coating, a initial in a smartphone industry.

“The additional layers give a behind of a device a stronger sense of abyss that a many perfectionist users will certainly appreciate,” he remarked.

Sketches common by Lau (above) also advise that a OnePlus 6 will be curvier than prior OnePlus devices, and hints that a flagship will also see some-more colourful colour options. Although unconfirmed, a potion behind is approaching also a pointer that a OnePlus 6 will be a initial to support wireless charging. 

23/4/18: OnePlus has pushed out nonetheless another teaser forward of a phenomenon of a OnePlus 6, this time earnest “expert craftsmanship” and “new materials”. All signs indicate to a ceramic behind that will offer wireless charging, matching to a Essential Phone, and a tweeted picture (below) reveals that a behind of a phone will come with a “Designed by OnePlus” engraving.

If not ceramic, OnePlus approaching will go for an iPhone X-style potion design, that would also move wireless charging functionality to a smartphone lineup for a initial time. 

18/4/18: The initial central OnePlus 6 advert has flush online usually weeks before a handset is approaching to debut. The ad (below), that appears to be unfailing for a Indian marketplace and doesn’t give many away, other than a fact that “speed” will of a OnePlus 6’s categorical offered points. However, the 20-second-clip does advise that it’ll be disdainful to Amazon in India, nonetheless this doubtful will be a box here in Blighty. 

17/4/18: OnePlus, in an central teaser video posted to Twitter on Monday (below), has reliable that a OnePlus 6 will be a initial water-resistant device. It’s misleading what spin of waterproofing a OnePlus 6 will offer, yet if it follows in a footsteps of a infancy of Android devices, it could be possibly IP67 or IP68 certified.

16/4/18: OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shared a initial OnePlus 6 camera samples (below) on Chinese amicable network Weibo, as speckled by Android Headlines. While a images don’t give too many away, they all-but-confirm that a handset will underline a telephoto lens, many like a newly-announced Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, enabling a camera to constraint photos with a healthy bokeh effect. According to progressing rumours, a OnePlus 6 will competition a dual-lens camera setup comprising of 20MP and 16MP lenses.

13/4/18: Casemaker Olixar has betimes suggested a appendage lineup for a OnePlus 6 (above). in spin giving us a good demeanour during a arriving smartphone. The images reveal how a front and behind of OnePlus’ latest device will look, and uncover off a phones vertically-aligned twin camera, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and argumentative ‘notch’ design. 

These renders have appears as OnePlus confirmed that a final flagship, a OnePlus 5T, has sole out opposite Europe ‘ahead of schedule’, as it clears room for a incoming OnePlus 6. For those looking to collect adult a 5T, O2 still has a handset in stock

12/4/18: Hinting that a launch is imminent, OnePlus has posted nonetheless another teaser (below) of a arriving flagship, captioned: “More soak in a polished form factor. Are we prepared for a #OnePlus6?”

The murky picture doesn’t give many away, yet suggests that a OnePlus 6 approaching will be slimmer than a 5T predecessor, while maintaining a same dual-lens behind camera setup. We can also see that a warning slider appears to have substituted sides with a SIM tray, and that receiver lines will run along a tip and bottom and a device.

11/4/18: A leaked describe of a OnePlus 6 (below) has hinted that a arriving flagship could exaggerate a triple-digit DxOMark rating. Currently, a triple lens-equipped Huawei P20 Pro is DxOMark’s highest-ranking device with a rating of 109, and it looks like a OnePlus 6 – with a rumoured twin camera setup and tractable concentration – could give a device a run for a money.

The render, that comes pleasantness of Chinese amicable network Weibo, also gives us a good look at a OnePlus 6’s mostly bezel-less front and hints during an approaching launch with a “see we soon” tagline. 

10/4/18: We competence finally have a launch date for a OnePlus 6, pleasantness of GizChina. It’s managed performed a print from Chinese tradesman JingDong Mall, that claims that notwithstanding progressing rumours of a Jun unveiling, a OnePlus 6 will make a entrance in Shenzhen on 5 May during 2pm. OnePlus has nonetheless to endorse a leak, so we’d take this with a splash of salt for now. 

9/4/18: New images of a OnePlus 6 have shown adult on Weibo, around CNMO, confirming that along with a common black and white colour variants, a arriving flagship will be done accessible in a new blue various (below). The freshly-leaked images also ‘confirm’ that a OnePlus 6 will competition an edge-to-edge arrangement finish with iPhone X-style nick and a red-coloured Alert Slider matching to that seen on Google’s Pixel smartphones and a twin camera setup on a behind accompanied by a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. 

6/4/18: It’s doubtful OnePlus will have many surprises in store during a arriving OnePlus 6 launch, as a association has reliable (below) that a handset’s ‘alert slider’ will concede users to adjust a camera focus, as good as to change a handset’s volume settings. 

Seperately, OnePlus also suggested that a arriving flagship will competition iPhone X-esque gesticulate controls. While no serve sum were confirmed, these approaching will impersonate a controls recently introduced on a OnePlus 5T that concede users to can appropriate to go behind in a interface, go home or to switch between new apps.

5/4/18: Following a recoil from a business after reports all-but-confirmed that a OnePlus 6 would underline an iPhone X-style notch, OnePlus has reliable that it’ll let users of a arriving flagship censor the opinion-dividing arrangement cutout. 

OnePlus CEO – usually a day after confirming a handset’s pivotal specs – said in a post on a company’s forum: “We honour your feedback, and would like to give everybody a ability to choose. This duty will capacitate we to black out a credentials of a notifications and standing bar. 

You won’t be means to censor a nick true divided though, with Lauri observant that a functionality will be combined in destiny program refurbish “released after a launch of a OnePlus 6”.

4/4/18: In a post on a company’s central forums, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has reliable some of a pivotal specs of a arriving OnePlus 6. He’s already suggested that a handset will container a Snapdragon 845 processor, and this week reliable that this will come interconnected with adult to 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. 

The latter spec is a many interesting, as it will be a initial time a organisation has enclosed this many inner storage in one of a handsets, with prior models commanding out during 128GB.

“Choosing a best hardware is a easy part, a genuine plea is in creation a best hardware perform in ways that adds value to a knowledge of a user,” Lau said.

3/4/18: OnePlus has put out a initial central teaser for a OnePlus 6, hinting that a launch could shortly be on a cards. 

The teaser, posted on Twitter (above), not usually confirms a OnePlus 6 name yet also promises that a phone will broach “the speed we need”, approaching a curtsy to a a handset’s Snapdragon 845 internals. Some are speculating that this could also be a anxiety to a OnePlus 6’s camera, that is approaching to underline Galaxy S9-esque slow-motion smarts.  

Seperately, GizmoChina is claiming that OnePlus 6 pricing will start during around £374 for a 64GB model, while 128GB and 256GB models will approaching fetch around £430 and £499. 

28/3/18: The OnePlus 6 will really have a arrangement notch, as an picture dismissed during The Verge shows a participation of a screen-eating cut-out.

Unless some leaker is yanking a sequence a subsequent OnePlus smartphone will have a nick that’s flattering matching to that found on a iPhone X. While one of Apple’s slogans is “Think Different” it appears that opposition Android brands are not so penetrating of meditative outward of a box, or should that be notch.

Carl Pei, co-founder and open face of OnePlus told The Verge that a OnePlus 6’s nick will be opposite to that of a iPhone X.

“How large a nick is always depends on your choices as a company. What we are radically doing is relocating a whole presentation bar up, giving users some-more calm on their screen,” he said.

“Our notch, it will be there,” he added, noting: “I’ll be bigger than a Essential Phone, smaller than a iPhone.”

So a subsequent OnePlus will demeanour to have a flattering many bezel-less display, not that a stream OnePlus 5T has corpulent bezels by any widen of a imagination.

Pai remarkable that a preference to have a nick on a subsequent OnePlus is to maximize a shade real-estate as against to bucket a phone with a imagination array of sensors that a iPhone X has to energy a Face ID login feature.

But while a OnePlus 6 might indeed ape Apple on a nick front, it’s not following apartment in abandoning a headphone jack and a 3.5mm pier is apparently benefaction and scold in a handset.

That should win a foster of long-time OnePlus fans, who cruise a formula to be a dwindle dispatcher of plain Android handsets not iPhone knock-offs.

Nevertheless, a user interface and widget-friendly blueprint of Android 8.0 Oreo arguably doesn’t lend itself to notched displays, so OnePlus will need to request a bit of program necromancy to make a nick in a OnePlus 6 reduction polarising.

21/3/18: The OnePlus 6 has allegedly cropped adult on Weibo (below), divulgence a handset’s specifications and pricing details.

First speckled by Chinese website CNMO, a inventory claims that a OnePlus 6 will underline a 6.2in display, notwithstanding progressing rumours of a 6in display, that will come powered by a Snapdragon 845 SoC that teamed with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. This is approaching a highest-spec various of a device, with a handset also set to launch in 64GB and 128GB configurations. 

The Weibo trickle claims that a OnePlus 6 will container twin 12MP and 20MP sensors, along with Dash Fast charging technology.

While no serve specs have been outed in this latest leak, it claims that a OnePlus 6 will fetch $749 (around £530) when it goes on sale after this year.

20/3/18: The Oppo R15 has been denounced in China, and approaching gives us a good thought of what a OnePlus 6 will demeanour like given that OnePlus, an Oppo subsidiary, mostly borrows designs from a company. The OnePlus 5T, for example, is roughly matching to Oppo’s R11S smartphone. 

Unsurprisingly, a Oppo R15 sports an iPhone X-imitating arrangement notch, a underline sloping to underline on a arriving OnePlus flagship.

Specs-wise, it packs a 6.28in 2280×1080 OLED display, Helio P60 or Snapdragon 660 processor interconnected with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage and a 3,450mAh battery. There’s also twin cameras on a rear, comprising of 16MP and 5MP lenses, and a 20MP camera on a front.  

13/3/18: OxygenOS formula speckled by XDA-Developers has reliable that a OnePlus 6 is going to have an iPhone X-style notch, either we like it or not. 

OnePlus expelled a initial Android 8.1 Oreo build for a OnePlus 5T this week in a form of OxygenOS Open Beta 4. Within a firmware, XDA speckled references to ‘enchilada’, a approaching codename for a OnePlus 6. Upon serve investigation of a code, an picture named “screendecor_up_img_enchilada_1” was spotted, that XDA claims was used as an conceal to exam apps that confederate a notch. This kind of conceal was also seen in a Huawei P20’s firmware files, the website notes, which is all-but-confirmed to also underline an iPhone X-esque shade cutout

7/3/18: The already much-rumoured OnePlus 6 has already been benchmarked, confirming a Snapdragon 845 internals.

Android Central has a scoop, carrying performed screenshots that show AnTuTu benchmark scores from a OnePlus 6, codenamed A6000. The handset warranted an altogether measure of 276510, that a news records a prior record measure set by Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi Mix 2S. This all yet confirms that OnePlus’ arriving flagship will container Qualcomm’s 10nm Snapdragon 845 processor.

This trickle also corroborates progressing rumours that a OnePlus 6 will underline an iPhone X-esque arrangement cutout, with Android Central observant that “the middle of a standing bar is taller, and conspicuously blank, with a complement time relocating over to a left and a truncated set of icons on a right.”

This screen will also exaggerate a 19:9 aspect ratio, a screenshots confirm, which is effectively 18:9 with a tiny additional space adult tip for a notch.

28/2/18: The OnePlus 6 will join growing series of Android inclination duplicating a iPhone X’s notch. 

Images of an purported OnePlus 6 handset, performed by ITHome, uncover that a handset will underline a tiny nick during a tip of a differently bezel-free screen. This iPhone X-esque cut out will residence the smartphone’s front-facing camera and earpiece, according to a report. 

This comes usually hours after Asus denounced a notch-touting Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 5Z smartphones, that are positively clones of Apple’s latest flagship. 

The OnePlus 6’s arrangement itself displays a handset’s purported specifications, that embody 6GB RAM, 64GB inner storage and Android 8.1 Oreo. These specs seem rather intermediate compared to a OnePlus 5T, though, that packs 8GB RAM and adult to 128GB built-in storage. 

A second picture arrangement off a behind of a phone, that appears to be crafted from glass, as against to a steel construction of a OnePlus 5T. On a rear, you’ll also find a fingerprint scanner, a twin lens camera and, unsurprisingly, a OnePlus logo. 

You can also see a behind of a phone, that appears to be glass, imprinting a change from a steel behind of a 5T. It houses a fingerprint scanner, a dual-lens camera and a OnePlus logo.

The trickle doesn’t give many else away, yet earlier rumours suggested that a arriving OnePlus flagship will container a 6in 2880×1440 QHD+ fortitude display. What’s more, interjection to a firm’s loose-lipped CEO Pete Lau, it’s already been reliable that a OnePlus 6 will container Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. µ



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