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OnePlus 5 handsets are rebooting when users dial 999

THE ONEPLUS 5 reportedly has shipped with an shocking bug that sees a phone restart when puncture services are called.

Users of a handset have taken to Reddit to blubber about a issue, and one endangered OnePlus 5 owner, Nick Morelli, has posted a video of a bug in movement on Facebook (below). 

The emanate is reportedly inspiring users in both a UK and a US, with a phone close down whenever 999 or 911 dialled.

So distant during slightest 3 users have claimed that they means to imitate a malfunction.

“I had to dial 911 on my OP5 yesterday (saw a building on glow a few blocks away) and both times we attempted my phone rebooted on me,” one Redditor wrote.

“Confirmed!!! we had to call 911 after a automobile in front of me flipped over. Phone rebooted after dialling,” another OnePlus 5 user said.

It’s misleading what is causing a issue, though Redditors are speculating that it competence have something to do with a phone’s GPS feature, that could meant that a bug isn’t singular to 999 calls. 

OnePlus has concurred a emanate and pronounced it is questioning a problem. 

“We have contacted a patron and are now looking into a issue. We ask anyone experiencing a identical conditions to hit us during [email protected],” a orator said. 

This, while a many critical emanate OnePlus 5 users have encountered, isn’t a usually problem that users of a smartphone have reported. Last month, users complained of a ‘jelly scrolling’ emanate plaguing a handset’s display

OnePlus, however, has denied there’s an issue, observant in a statement: “The OnePlus 5 uses a same turn of high-quality components as all OnePlus devices, including a AMOLED display.

“We’ve perceived feedback from a tiny series of users observant that during times they notice a pointed visible outcome when scrolling. This is healthy and there’s no opposite in screens between devices.” µ



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