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One month with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The S Pen rises above all else

It’s now been a month given we first saw a Galaxy Note 8 in person and behind afterwards we suspicion a S Pen and twin camera setup would be compelling.

I was scold and notwithstanding a proclamation of a Apple iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 XL, it’s transparent that a Note 8 is still a best smartphone to finish 2017.

As we demeanour behind over a final month of use and towards a future, here are 8 things we adore about a Galaxy Note 8:

  1. S Pen: In a past, we was soft by a S Pen for about a week or so. However, after a month with a Note 8, we still use it several times a day and I’ve come to rest on it for many things. we use it for easy navigation and calm entry, hovering over email to preview a content, shade off memos, beguiling browsing with float scrolling, fun and personal Live Messages, discerning magnification, and most more. No other phone has this capability and once we incorporate it into your life there is zero to compare.
  2. Display: The Infinity Display is a torpedo underline of a Galaxy Note 8 with DisplayMate rating it a best smartphone display of all smartphones. The 6.3 inches is stately and we won’t find anything better.
  3. Design: The Note 8 has a agree arrangement and corner pattern than a Galaxy S8 Plus and it feels ideal in my hand. we am means to reason onto it and write on a arrangement easier than on a S8 Plus.
  4. Innovative technology: The Galaxy Note 8 offers quick charging and quick wireless charging, Samsung Pay with MST, Bluetooth 5.0, a microSD enlargement label slot, ANT+ for connectivity to aptness devices, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. You won’t find another phone currently packaged with all of this record in a singular device.
  5. Always On Display: It’s a pointed underline on a Note 8 that is found in a few other devices, such as a LG V30 and Moto devices, though once we have it on a device it is tough to go behind to something like a iPhone 7 Plus where we can't usually peek over and see simple standing and presentation information with no bid compulsory by you. we also like that we can double daub on a presentation to burst directly into a app that originated a notification.
  6. Dual behind cameras: The Samsung cameras have been illusory a final integrate of years and a Note 8 takes it to a subsequent turn with twin behind cameras with OIS. I’ve been means to constraint some illusory artistic shots and for a initial time we overtly feel we can leave a camera behind in any conditions and let a phone constraint all though compromise. The Note 8 recently warranted a still print rating of 100 from DxOMark.
  7. Galaxy apps: While Google offers core apps in Android, we would disagree that Samsung’s possess apps are better for productivity, efficiency, and functionality. Some disagree opposite anything though batch apps, though in this box regulating a Samsung apps on a Galaxy Note 8 is a improved choice.
  8. Ecosystem: You can use a Samsung Gear 360 or Samsung Gear VR to suffer immersive experiences, though usually if we have a concordant Samsung smartphone. There are new versions of both of these inclination and both are good improvements over final year’s models. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is also best with a Samsung phone and it is a overwhelming smartwatch that continues to get improved with continued rollout of third celebration apps.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is about as ideal of a smartphone as we can find. we overtly can't consider of a singular thing it is missing, that is not something we can contend about other new flagships. The Note 8 has a 3.5mm headset jack, microSD enlargement card, extraordinary twin camera, and most more.

The Note 8 is so good, we have not been means to clear shopping any other new smartphone.


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