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Olympus firmware updates move a horde of improvements

If you’ve got an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II or Olympus PEN-F afterwards you’re in luck, as Olympus has announced new firmware updates to raise a opening of these cameras. 

For those who like to use artistic lighting, harmony with Profoto’s Air Remote TTL-O (through-the-lens-Olympus), that allows discerning and easy control of Profoto’s operation of Air TTL lights, is firm to appeal.

Elsewhere there are tweaks to autofocus settings, camera settings and ubiquitous functionality.

Main updates

1. Compatibility with Profoto Air Remote TTL-O

The latest firmware ascent delivers harmony between a Profoto Air Remote TTL-O and a E-M1 Mark II, E-M5 Mark II and PEN-F models. 

The Profoto Air Remote TTL-O wirelessly integrates a Profoto Air TTL Flash with these cameras, providing Olympus users with seamless integration. Simply insert a Profoto Air Remote TTL-O to a prohibited shoe for discerning remote control of all functions.

2. Save Settings and Mysets duty saves camera settings on a user’s computer

The accessible Save Settings and Mysets duty has been combined to a E-M5 Mark II and PEN-F to simply save a user’s customized settings on their mechanism and revive them on a camera when necessary. This underline is useful for requesting a same settings to mixed cameras and saving formidable settings when upgrading firmware.

3. Midtone composition duty combined to Highlight Shadow Control

The new midtone composition duty has been combined to a Highlight Shadow Control on a E-M5 Mark II to yield control over splendid and dim sections of a theme and to give users finish control over a tonal properties of a image.

4. AF Target Spot Metering provides mark metering during a concentration point

AF Target Spot Metering is now accessible on a E-M5 Mark II to effectively couple a AF Target position and mark metering area.

5. Touch to name Art Filters while observation representation images on a screen

Sample images that denote a effects of a Art Filter are now shown during a bottom of a PEN-F’s screen. Users can simply perspective and hold a representation Art Filter picture on a shade to now activate that option.

6. Set a shiver speed to start lifting a ISO attraction in ISO AUTO

It is now probable to control a lowest shiver speed environment on a PEN-F. This allows users to predefine a smallest shiver speed so that a ISO attraction increases in low-light situations rather than negligence down a shiver speed. This is accessible for handheld sharpened in low-light environments.

7. Improved AF Targeting Pad on a back LCD monitor

The firmware refurbish creates it probable to use touchpad operations on a PEN-F even if your nose touches a back LCD guard while looking by a viewfinder. The AF Targeting Pad provides a leisure to pierce a AF indicate on a back LCD guard regulating hold operations while gripping your eye on a viewfinder.

8. High Res Shot and Focus Stacking Mode harmony on non-Olympus flashes

The E-M1 Mark II’s absolute 50MP High Res Shot and Focus Stacking Modes are now upheld with both Olympus flashes and flashes from other manufacturers.

9. Automatic switching to back LCD guard when sharpened with a viewfinder

When sharpened by a E-M1 Mark II’s viewfinder during Rec View, a camera now automatically switches to a back LCD guard for picture playback when a eye is changed divided from a viewfinder.

10. AF HOME settings saved when camera is incited off

Previously, a AF HOME settings were reset after a E-M1 Mark II was incited off. The firmware ascent saves a user’s AF HOME settings even if a camera is incited off.

To find out some-more about harmony and how to download and implement a firmware, conduct to a Olympus website.

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