Thursday , 22 March 2018
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OLPC redux: Spin-off delivers successors to low-cost hardware

Non-profit One Education has an desirous devise in a rival PC market: To sell Windows 10 tablets and laptops desirous by a innovative suggestion of One Laptop Per Child, that designed groundbreaking, low-cost PCs roughly a decade ago.

One Education, an OLPC spin-off, is creation what it considers successors to OLPC’s XO devices, that are now out-of-date. OLPC expelled a initial XO laptop in 2007, though a classification is now splintered and focusing on preparation tools.

The initial One Education product is a Infinity:One, a inscription with a keyboard connection for laptop usability. It has a green-and-white tone intrigue of a XO devices. It is accessible for $230, and a inclination will ship in August.

The Infinity:One, like a strange XO-1, doesn’t have grand hardware. But One Education CEO Rangan Srikhanta, an OLPC fan, pronounced this laptop was for schoolkids, not for enthusiasts benchmarking performance.

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