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Olloclip for Apple iPhone X: Enhance your camera skills with this new removable lens system

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The Apple iPhone X competes good with today’s flagship Android phones in a mobile camera department. The picture and video origination knowledge is done improved by third celebration lenses and one association usually expelled an all-new lens complement with 6 accessible lenses.

Olloclip’s new Apple iPhone X mobile lens system incorporates a new Connect X complement that is shade guardian concordant while aligning a lens complement with both a front and twin behind cameras. I’ve been regulating twin of a 6 new lenses for about a week and continue to cruise of artistic ways to use a lenses.

There are 6 lenses now accessible for a Apple iPhone X, including:

  • Super-Wide: Four-element lens with some-more than 120° visibility.
  • Ultra-Wide: A 155° movement camera field-of-view.
  • Fisheye + Macro 15x: Unique 180° wide-angle round outcome + 15x increasing magnification.
  • Telephoto: 2x visual wizz to get twice as tighten to a action.
  • Macro 14x + 7x: Get fact oriented and see over a exposed eye.
  • Macro 21x: Go in for a ultimate close-up.

Each particular lens kit, with ascent bracket, is accessible for $59.99, with a macro 14x + 7x labelled during $79.99. Once we have a ascent bracket, we can squeeze particular lenses for $44.99 with a telephoto 2x lens during $59.99.

I was sent a box set that contains a Fisheye + Macro 15x and Super-Wide lenses that will be accessible to consumers as a $99.99 choice from Amazon, Olloclip.com, and other sell locations.

There is also an Olloclip slim box for a iPhone X accessible for $29.99. we privately adore a Caudabe Veil XT ultra-thin case, though there is a shallow around a behind camera opening so a Olloclip doesn’t fit on this case.

Using a lenses

The lens ascent complement works by dire in on a symbol to widespread a clamp open. You afterwards fit a clamp on a tip right dilemma of your iPhone X with a behind camera opening wise snugly into a suitable ascent ring. The Olloclip name should be placed on a front with a ring around a twin cameras wise onto a back.

Lenses can be mounted in possibly instruction on a front and behind of a clamp. Slide a immeasurable symbol in towards a lens to pierce a open and recover a add-on on one side to afterwards lift out a lens. Lens caps are enclosed with your lens to assistance strengthen it as well.

There is a carabiner trustworthy to a match mount so we can lift a lenses in your bag. The match mount opens and serves as a simply tripod for solid shots.






Super far-reaching lens

The usually twin camera setup that incorporates a truly far-reaching angle, 120 degree, viewpoint comes to us from LG on a LG G6 and LG V30 smartphones. All a other phones have a telephoto or a monochrome twin camera setup. Thus, a far-reaching angle lens is really one to cruise when we cruise about that of a 6 new Olloclip lenses we wish to purchase.

The super-wide lens we tested on my iPhone X supports 120 grade prominence and we could really see some-more prisoner in images and video. The lens works excellent on a front and behind cameras. The iPhone camera complement can be a bit treacherous during times given Apple uses record to adjust a cameras formed on a lighting and conditions while shooting.

Lighting controls either a iPhone X uses a telephoto camera or wide-angle camera to activate. In low light, a iPhone uses a wide-angle camera for digital zoom. You will knowledge a black shade when this happens given we are aligned over a telephoto camera and are covering a wide-angle lens. To forestall this, name Portrait Mode when in a telephoto (T) position and it will automatically tough name a telephoto camera, expelling a wide-angle camera from being activated.

Fisheye + Macro 15x

The fisheye lens is engaging as it gives we 180 grade round effect, though we have privately never been most of a fan of this perspective. At first, we couldn’t figure out how this lens was also a macro lens until we satisfied that we turn off a lens to exhibit a macro lens underneath.

I have never used a macro lens with 15 times magnification so was astounded by how tighten we have to be to get calm into focus. we took a few photos with this macro mode and cruise we will have fun contrast this mode to constraint objects adult closer than we have ever hold a phone camera. we can’t suppose what a 21x macro lens does for iPhone X users.

One good aspect of owning an iPhone is a immeasurable support from box manufacturers and appendage providers. Olloclip usually expelled some engaging lens options to assistance we get artistic with your iPhone X and we can't wait to try out some-more lenses soon.

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