Friday , 23 March 2018
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Office 365 suffers European outage due to ‘high apparatus utilisation’


Microsoft has released Computing with a following statement, attributed to “a Microsoft spokesperson”:

“A singular series of business in Europe might have few entrance to email on mobile devices, or few delays accessing a portal, and we’re operative to solve both as fast as possible,” pronounced the spokesperson, curiously focusing usually on mobile when, to Computing‘s knowledge, a series of forms of device were affected.

“Customers can entrance email around Outlook customer or Outlook on a web and can revisit a O365 Service Health Dashboard for updates,” a orator said.


Office 365 is experiencing a European outage, imprinting a second time in 3 months that Microsoft’s vicious craving systems are taken for a postulated period.

The association has been quoted as attributing a problems to “high apparatus utilisation”.

Many users are incompetent to record into Office 365 by a front-end portal, ensuing in incessant lag, while a website earnest that technicians are “working on it”. If users are means to record in to services – for instance Outlook – they are experiencing serve loiter inside a use sourroundings when perplexing to open emails.

Office 365 seems to have been untouched by those influenced given around 9am this morning.

Microsoft has done no grave proclamation as yet, though Computing has been sensitive by a hit in a tech support attention that a association is blaming a problems on “high apparatus utilisation”.

Users on Twitter are stating “multiple business experiencing outages”, and accusing Microsoft of “fix[ing] one thing and violation another” .

Computing has contacted Microsoft for a statement, and will refurbish this story as and when we get one.

Office 365’s final vital outage took place on 3 Dec 2015, and also enclosed Azure services. It lasted around 4 hours, and cloud email government organisation Mimecast warned during a time that continued outages could start to have “a unpropitious impact on a country”.

A serve outage took place on 18 Dec 2015, and was attributed some-more directly to Microsoft’s Azure functions.

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