Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Office 2019 will have one large complement requirement: Windows 10

Office 2019 will have one large complement requirement when it goes into preview subsequent quarter: Windows 10.

Just as Microsoft tied support for a latest microprocessors to Windows 10, Office 2019 will run usually on a upheld Windows 10 OS.

While Microsoft hasn’t pronounced privately what facilities will be showcased within a new apps, a association pronounced in a blog post on Thursday that preview versions of a new apps will be accessible during a second quarter. As Microsoft formerly confirmed, a final chronicle of Office 2019 will boat during a second half of 2018.

The Windows 10 requirement is new, and it specifies any now upheld chronicle that is updated on a semi-annual basement with new underline updates—basically Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. “Software that is some-more than a decade old, and hasn’t benefited from this innovation, is formidable to secure and inherently reduction productive,” Microsoft said. “As a gait of change accelerates, it has turn needed to pierce a program to a some-more complicated cadence.”

Microsoft also pronounced that it won’t be shipping Office regulating a comparison MSI installer—the apps will all use a Click-to-Run installer, that is ordinarily used by Office 365.

Microsoft will yield Office 2019 with 5 years of mainstream support and an additional dual years of extended support, finale on Oct. 14, 2025.

Microsoft is also perplexing to proviso out a ProPlus chronicle of Office that isn’t on a same open and tumble ascent intonation as Windows 10. Though businesses can radically exclude upgrades—known as a Long Term Stable Channel, or LTSC—LTSC versions of Windows won’t be authorised for a incessant Office updates after Jan. 14, 2020.

What this means for you: The biggest change is for holdouts sticking to Windows 8.1 or even Windows 7. They will be close off from Office 2019. For those already on Windows 10, it’s quid-pro-quo: Microsoft will refurbish Office if we refurbish your Windows 10 PC regularly.  

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