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Ofcom to moment down on shonky broadband speeds with new ISP rules

GOOD GUY Ofcom will make it easier for consumers to cancel their broadband contract if speeds tumble subsequent a guaranteed level.

Ofcom, which ain’t a fan of shonky broadband, announced on Friday that an refurbish to its Codes of Practice will force internet use providers (ISPs) to be some-more honest in their promotion of broadband speeds.

Companies will have to possess adult to a slower speeds that business expected will knowledge during ‘peak’ times (8-10pm for residential customers, and 12-2pm for businesses) and yield business with a minimum, guaranteed speed during a indicate of sale. 

At present, business can exit their agreement penalty-free if speeds tumble subsequent a smallest customary if their use provider can't urge it, but ISPs have an total time in that to try and do so before charity a patron a right to exit.

Under Ofcom’s new rules, ISPs will have only one month to urge their broadband speeds. If they don’t, they will have to let a patron cancel their agreement but a price – which, for a initial time, will also embody contracts that embody phone and pay-TV services bought with broadband.

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Lindsey Fussell, Ofcom’s consumer organisation director, commented: “We wish broadband shoppers to know what they’re buying, and what speeds to expect.

“So we devise to tighten a opening between what’s advertised and what’s delivered, giving business a fuller design before they dedicate to a contract. We’re also creation it easier to travel divided from a contract, but penalty, when companies destroy to yield a speeds they promise.”

Ofcom says it expects to tell a final preference on a softened Codes of Practice early subsequent year.

Earlier this year, Ofcom due new skeleton that could see Brits accept involuntary remuneration for delayed broadband repairs and missed operative appointments.

Under a proposals, pissed off broadband business would no longer have to continue perfected phone calls in sequence to arrange out some remuneration when pang from shonky broadband services.

Instead, Ofcom says, users will be entitled to involuntary compensation if their landline or broadband isn’t bound fast adequate after it has stopped working, their new landline or broadband use is not adult and using on a day promised, or an operative doesn’t arrive for an appointment as scheduled or cancels with reduction than 24 hours’ notice. µ



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