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Nvidia reveals the shockingly absolute next-gen Volta graphics tech

Nvidia has suggested a new Volta technology, that follows on from a current-gen Pascal graphics cards, along with a initial ever GPU to use a tech: a Tesla V100.

As those informed with Nvidia’s fixing conventions will realize, this is a heavyweight GPU targeted during information core use and high-performance computing (as against to consumer PCs).

However, Nvidia envisages it bringing a whole new turn of energy to a locus of synthetic comprehension and associated AI services, that will assistance to severely accelerate a strength of things all of us will use like digital assistants, or advances in self-driving vehicles.

Plus a new GPU gives us a good thought of accurately what Volta is able of, and in short, it’s massively powerful.

Volta is Nvidia’s seventh-generation GPU architecture, and represents zero reduction than a fivefold opening alleviation compared to Pascal in terms of rise teraflops. And in comparison to Maxwell, Pascal’s predecessor, we’re looking during a 15x boost.

Clever combination

The new record combines CUDA cores with Volta Tensor Cores, a latter of that are privately designed to speed adult AI workloads really effectively. Indeed, a singular Tesla V100 GPU is apparently able of replacing ‘hundreds of commodity CPUs’ when it comes to high-performance computing.

The Tesla V100 is built on a 12nm routine and boasts some 21 billion transistors, with 5,120 CUDA cores alongside 640 Tensor Cores. In terms of low training performance, Nvidia says it hits 120 teraflops. Single-precision discriminate opening is 15 teraflops.

The GPU also utilizes 16GB of HBM2 DRAM with 900GB/s memory bandwidth, that is 50% some-more bandwidth than a prior generation. Power expenditure is 300W.

Nvidia’s uninformed explanation here comes forward of AMD’s next-gen Vega launch, with a new Radeon cards expected to be denounced subsequent month.

  • Nvidia’s Volta graphics will really be prepared for a best VR games
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