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Nvidia GTC: Adobe and Nvidia partner on AI video editing

SAN JOSE, USA In a weird meta-conference crossover event this morning, NVIDIA boss Jensen Huang was interviewed by Adobe boss Shantanu Narayen live from the Adobe Summit event taking place at the same time as NVIDIA GTC in Las Vegas, Nevada (and was back in San Jose at his own conference less than five hours later).

The fireside chat was a chance for us to catch up with the two Santa Clara giants or as Huang quipped, “The wise man and the biker”.

In it, he talked about the changes that have seen NVIDIA move from gaming graphics to the wider world of rendering: “3D graphics is the fundamental idea of computing” he said. “One of the greatest challenges of computer science is to recreate reality”.

Our VP of HR had to get a nipple ring

It was this which made the company pivot, or as he describes it: “Expand the aperture from just graphics to actually recreating the laws of physics”.

The tie-up is part of an announcement that Adobe’s Sensei Machine Learning technology has been equipped for NVIDIA GPU acceleration which could, in the future, be expanded beyond Creative Cloud to creating entire worlds in virtual reality.

Huang explains: “AR and VR are wormholes in space and time that allow us to interact with them. VR is a wormhole for us to travel to virtual worlds. AR is the way for artificial agents in virtual worlds to wormhole back into us.”

Wow. You just blew our minds, man.

[Huang] showed us his NVIDIA logo tattoo

Narayen goes on to ask Huang how he navigated through the transformation of a business that was originally all about making Halo less laggy.

“We have to roll up our sleeves to understand the dynamics of the industry and do it step-by-step-by-step.” he explains adding of his hands-on style, “There is no alternative to having leaders in the kitchen”.

Finally, he showed us his NVIDIA logo tattoo which he had done as part of a bet with his senior management team about the share price of NVIDIA stock.

“We agreed that we each had to do something crazy if it got to $100” he explained, “I wasn’t worried – the stock wasn’t going to reach $100”.

He adds, “Several years went by so I wasn’t wrong…” adding that he got off lightly, “Our VP of HR had to get a nipple ring”. µ  



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