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Nvidia expands new GPU cloud to HPC applications



Touting a vast series of high-performance computing (HPC) applications that incorporate GPU acceleration, Nvidia on Monday announced new program and collection on a Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) enclosure registry that concede scientists to fast muster systematic computing applications and HPC cognisance tools.

Typically, scientists who wish to use these applications face time-consuming designation hurdles and resource-intensive updates. Now, accessing these applications should be “as easy as dowloading an app from a App Store,” Ian Buck, clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of Accelerated Computing for Nvidia, told reporters.

HPC focus and HPC cognisance containers are accessible from a NGC enclosure registry for anyone with an NGC account. The HPC containers can run on any Nvidia Pascal and after era Nvidia GPU-accelerated system.

Nvidia announced a collection during a SuperComputing17 discussion in Denver, to denote a company’s flourishing aptitude in high-performance computing.

Already, some-more than 500 HPC applications are GPU-accelerated. A new news by researcher organisation Interesect360 Research shows that this includes a tip 15 and 70 percent of a tip 50 HPC applications. From astronomy to life sicences and medical imaging, GPU-accelerated applications are used in a operation of systematic fields. They are, however, simply tough to install.

“They’re built from many opposite program stacks and libraries,” Buck explained. “They’re built by researchers for themselves, not indispensably for releasing out into a furious — it’s only not their priority.”

Nvidia addressed a same problem in a low training and cloud community, when it announced a GPU Cloud for AI developers final month. The new collection are now a partial of that enclosure registry.

In terms of a HPC applications entrance to a NGC, Nvidia is starting out small, with 5 vital applications — GAMESS, GROMACS, LAMMPS, NAMD and RELION — with some-more on a way.

Meawnwhile, for HPC visualization, Nvidia has worked with ParaView to broach 3 containers now accessible in beta: ParaView with Nvidia IndeX is for visualizing large-scale volumetric data; ParaView with Nvidia Optix is deployed for ray-tracing, and Nvidia Holodeck offers interactive real-time cognisance and high-quality visuals.

Nvidia on Monday also hailed the recognition of a Tesla V100 GPU, formed on Nvidia’s Volta architecture, that is now accessible by each vital disjoin businessman and vital cloud use provider to broach synthetic comprehension and high opening computing. That includes Dell EMC, HPE, Huawei, IBM and Lenovo, as good as cloud providers Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Baidu Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

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