Sunday , 25 March 2018
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Nvidia and Baidu group on AI opposite cloud, self-driving, academia and a home

Baidu and Nvidia announced a inclusive agreement to work together on synthetic comprehension today, travelling applications in cloud computing, unconstrained driving, preparation and research, and domestic uses around consumer devices. It might be a many extensive partnership nonetheless for Nvidia in a bourgeoning synthetic comprehension business, and it’s expected to yield a large boost for Nvidia’s GPU business for years to come.

The partnership includes an agreement to use Nvidia’s Volta GPUs in Baidu Cloud, as good as adoption of Drive PX for Baidu’s efforts in bringing self-driving cars to marketplace in partnership with mixed Chinese carmakers (you can read some-more about Baidu’s Apollo module for unconstrained cars and a ambitions, sum of that were announced this morning). Further, Baidu and Nvivia will work on optimizations for Baidu’s PaddlePaddle open source low training horizon for Nvidia Volta, and will make it broadly permitted to researchers and educational institutions.

On a consumer front, Baidu will also supplement DuerOS to a Nvidia Shield TV, a Android TV-based set-top streaming box that got a hardware ascent progressing this year. DuerOS is a practical partner identical to Siri or Google Assistant, and was formerly announced for intelligent home speakers and devices. Shield TV is set to get Google Assistant support around a stirring update, and Nvidia is also set to eventually launch expandable intelligent home mics to make it permitted via a home, a underline that could feasible work with DuerOS, too.

This is a large win for Nvidia, and potentially a presentation of one of a many critical partnerships in complicated AI computing. These dual have worked together before, though this represents a broadening of their team-work that creates them partners in probably all intensity areas of AI’s destiny growth.

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