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New VR Play 2, Mi Power Bank Pro and Mi Type-C Earphones now accessible in India

Xiaomi has usually expelled a new Mi VR Play 2, 1000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro Grey Edition and a Type-C Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones in India. Respectively labelled during Rs. 1299, Rs. 1599 and Rs. 2999, they are now adult for sale during – a central online store of Xiaomi. Let’s find out what a newly launched products have to offer.

Mi VR Play 2 Specifications

The second era Mi VR Play comes with a code new pattern that looks most some-more contemporary than a comparison one. Crafted meticulously with soothing hold fabric, a Mi VR Play 2 not usually looks reward though also feels intensely comfortable. It is out of a box concordant with Google Cardboard and offers tons of facilities to offer your multimedia needs.

Coming to a technical details, a Mi VR Play 2 has a focal length of 62 mm / 45 mm and can support smartphones with shade sizes from 4.7-inch compartment 5.7-inch. Lastly, a headset weighs usually 183 grams but a conduct strap. The Mi VR Play 2 is now accessible for squeeze from for Rs. 1299.

Mi Power Bank Pro Specifications

The 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro is a latest further to Xiaomi’s rarely acclaimed swift of energy banks in India. The newer iteration comes with a modernized Type-C charging and two-way quick charging packaged into a physique that is slimmer than ever.

It usually takes merely 3.5 hours to entirely assign a 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro that is roughly 40 percent obtuse than a competitors. Thanks to a 93 percent acclimatisation rate, we can remove a whopping 7100mAh value battery extract from a Power Bank Pro.

Speaking of reserve features, Xiaomi’s latest energy bank leaves no stones unturned. It sports a world-class circuit chip that offers 9 layers of insurance namely, Temperature Resistance, Protection from Short Circuit, Reset Mechanism, Input Overvoltage Protection, Protection from Incorrect Insertion, Protection from Output Overcurrent, Output Overvoltage Protection, Protection from Overcharge and Over-discharge, and PTC Protective Circuits for a Cell.

You can buy a Mi Power Bank Pro right now from for a cost of Rs. 1599.

Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones Type-C Specifications

These a set of high-end Type-C earphones from Xiaomi that are meant to be used in phones like a Mi 5 and Mi Mix 2 and other handsets that miss a 3.5 mm headphone jack. As a name indicates, a Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones boasts a state of a art MEMS microphone that deletes outmost sound by producing hostile sound frequencies. You can even control this sound cancelling technique with a dedicated controller switch.

Talking of a numerical, a Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones sports a magnitude response operation of 20 to 40,000 Hertz, a impedance of 32 ohms, a attraction of 113 dB and a energy rating of 5mW.

The Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones Type-C can be yours for usually Rs. 2999 and it is now adult for sale during

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